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Understanding Money

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The Australian Government provides a money-management site that is useful to people around the world. Understanding Money encourages readers to adopt a three-point approach to their finances:

  1. Prepare a budget plan – work out how much you earn and what you spend it on, to help you see where you could make changes.
  2. Set some financial goals – they don’t have to be big, but they’ll help you see what you could gain by being better with your money.
  3. Get into the savings habit – once you’ve set some goals, try to save regularly and as much as you can to meet your goals.

Understanding Money includes a free, downloadable budget planner in Excel format; a financial health check with links to financial literacy resources; and a free, downloadable money handbook in PDF format. Though some of the details (such as the types of retirement programs) are Australia-specific, the concepts are applicable to anyone, anywhere.

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Understanding Money

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