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Top two fears for people wanting to become entrepreneurs

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In a survey I conducted of 200 individuals, who stated they wanted to make the transition from corporate to business owner, the top two things they indicated stopped them were:

  • Inability to replace current income
  • Not having a stable income

What can you do to counter these top two fears? How can you make it possible to have a stable income that replaces your current corporate salary? Below are the four areas to focus on in order to set these fears aside:

  1. What do you really want to do with your income: replace, upgrade or down grade? There are many people who would be content earning less if it meant they could do what they loved. Others may want to keep their current level of income or even gain more. Getting specific with what you truly want and need is essential to be able to create your customized financial plan.
  2. Based on what you want to do, how much money can you make? This includes considering tax breaks that may yield you more income than you thought. Even if you can generate enough money to give you what you need, I highly suggest you find other ways to supplement your income. There are many ways of increasing your income streams, the key here is to increase your financial IQ and then find the investment(s) that will work for you.
  3. Put together your personal financial plan. Consider things like the consistency of your business and make sure that you are accounting for any fluctuation. What are your short and long term expenses? Talk to someone who’s got a similar business to determine what these might be for you. Once you’ve got this figured out it will help you see what changes need to be made to your business plan in order to pay yourself the salary you desire while investing in your business. This is also an area that supplemental income streams can come in handy.
  4. Invest in your nest egg. As your business grows, and other income streams grow, the more money you can put away as a nest egg and the more income you can be generating. The number one piece of advice the most successful entrepreneurs suggest, think Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki, make your money work for you. Build up your nest egg and then have it work for you by providing you the passive income you need to live.

The financial fears you may have now, will dissipate once you develop and execute on a plan to create the income you need. The important thing is to think through what you really need and then get creative on how to make it happen.

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Top two fears for people wanting to become entrepreneurs

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