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The Power Of Social Proof

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I am on day 23 of my internet marketing career and already I’ve replaced the income from my J-O-B.

That’s right.

In just under a month, my income is at (actually slightly above) what I was making as an ‘E – employee’ at The Rich Dad Company.

What does that say about the education I received while working for Robert and Kim Kiyosaki for the last six years? To me it says that I am one of THE LUCKIEST people on the planet.

Not only did I have the opportunity to study side-by-side with Robert, Kim and the rest of the Rich Dad team, I got the opportunity to jump out into the real world and put that education to work.

One of the most significant things I’ve learned so far, is the power of social proof.

What is social proof?

It is when someone well known in the circles you are looking to be successful in endorses you. I have an advantage over most others having Robert and Kim behind me.

However, social proof can come from anyone. And it is often just as powerful.

Check out this video Nic Mitchell made (without my knowledge!) and posted on YouTube.

Now THAT demonstrates the power of social proof. And the power of leading with the giving hand. Nic didn’t ask for anything in return (although, I have recorded a response video that he does not know about yet).

See the original post here:
The Power Of Social Proof

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