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The Master Mindset – Emotions and Intelligence

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  • RSS During my time at the Rich Dad Company, I became friends with many of the advisors to Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. One of the advisors that I learned the most from is Blair Singer. He wrote the Rich Dad Advisor books, Sales Dogs and The ABCs of Building Business Teams That Win. He is also one of the MOST incredible speakers I have ever heard. I attended one of his two day seminars FOUR TIMES in the last six years. He motivates, inspires and teaches real-life concepts that immediately produce results. I am very proud to call him a friend. One of the most significant and simple lessons he taught me was the concept of emotions vs. intelligence You see, these two very human traits have an inverse relationship. In other words, when one is high, the other is low, and vice versa. This is evident in a number of every-day examples that I am certain we all have been through. Have you ever heard someone on the radio that is willing to do ANYTHING to get a pair of concert tickets? Eat bugs, streak through the park, sign kareoke. Most of the time, their emotions are extremely high. And needless to say, their intelligence is low. Duh! Would they normally do those things? Maybe. Another example is the ubiquitous fight with a loved one. When emotions are running high, we tend to say some pretty stupid things. And we regret it later, when our emotions are low. We realize that at that moment, our intelligence was lower than a snake’s belly. Anyway, I wanted to share this important but simple concept so you can recognize when this is happening. What you do at that point is your choice. Leave a comment if you found this valuable. I want to hear from you! John

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The Master Mindset – Emotions and Intelligence

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