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Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki: Sacred Cow of Money (2) – Get A Job

Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Sacred Cow of Money (2) The second sacred cow of money is to get a job. The problem with this is, having a job pay make you pay more taxes. For the self-employed, not only do they pay the tax which the employee pay, they also pay other taxes such as social security taxes and medical taxes, etc. This make them the highest tax payer. Time out session Cashflow Quadrant (E, S, B, I) – Employee has a job – Self-employed own a job – Business owner has other people working for them – Investor has money working for them E and S got punished for making mistake or they lose their job, B and I get richer from their mistake because they learn from their mistake. Furthermore, there is no safe secure job anymore due to globalization and competition from India and China. It is getting more risker to have a job. Moreover, if you have a job, you only one client, that is your employer. If you lose that client, you are gone. Now a day, there are so many people losing their job. Some of them even went back to school to learn new skills, so that they can get another job that won’t compete with their children. Most of us think that we have no choice but a job because we are surrounded by employees, that’s why we grow up thinking that the only option we have is to get a job The tax laws are in favor for the entrepreneur and investor, they are not in favor for the employee or self-employed. Because the government wants entrepreneur and investor to create more jobs...

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WHY the Rich get Richer

Along the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki, this speaker gives a very good explanation of why trading time for money will leave people in the poor and middle class. If you are ready to begin your journey to residual passive income then fill out the form below – We respect your privacy and NEVER share your information with anyone. Your privacy is guaranteed...

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Robert Kiyosaki: Why The Rich Are Getting Richer Preview

This is a sneak preview of the TV series on “Why The Rich Are Getting Richer”. “Why The Rich Are Getting Richer” is currently Robert Kiyosaki’s latest TV series together with his Rich Dad Advisors and Donald Trump. This exclusive TV series has never been shown anywhere else on...

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Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki – Biggest Cash Heist

Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki talks about how financial ignorance takes money away from you, while the rich get...

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Rich Dad’s – Teach to Be Rich: Awaken Your Financial Genius

Product DescriptionRich Dad’s Teach To Be Rich is about Robert Kiyosaki’s decision to give up his manufacturing business and become a teacher…a teacher outside the walls of traditional education. More than a book on teaching, this book is about Robert’s quest to find out how we learn and why so many people do not like school, even though they want to learn. Not only is this book a radical departure from traditional thinking on education, it is a radical departure from traditional id… More >> Rich Dad’s – Teach to Be Rich: Awaken Your Financial...

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Robert Kiyosaki the RICH DAD TV show!

Famous Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim talk about MONEY and CASHFLOW! “Why the RICH are getting RICHER...

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Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money

Conspiracy of the Rich is a new book in development by Robert Kiyosaki, the bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, that has traditionally bucked convention and undoubtedly will yet again with this new work in progress. In this book he challenges conventional wisdom about finance, and teaches readers how to adapt to money’s new rules in today’s economic turmoil. Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of...

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Rich Dad’s Advisors: OPM: How to Attract Other People’s Money for Your Investments–The Ultimate Leverage

Product Description Cash flow is the foundation of every successful business, but investors do not have to start with their own money to build a business. Money can be made by acquiring an asset, turning an idea into a fortune, or building a business, using other peoples moneyOPM. This book will discuss different forms of OPM, how to find OPM, the consequences of using OPM, and the legal aspects and pitfalls of trying to access OPM…. More >> Rich Dad’s Advisors: OPM: How to Attract Other People’s Money for Your Investments–The Ultimate...

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Rich Dad’s – How To: Find Great Investments

Product Description Learn what to look for, what questions to ask-and what you can do to impact the bottom line profitability of your investments…. More >> Rich Dad’s – How To: Find Great...

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Robert Kiyosaki – 60 Minutes To Getting Rich

Rich Dad’s 60 Minutes to Getting Rich! is an hour long and it’s broken into 6 brief segments that I will outline in the review below. The setting of the “personal seminar” DVD is in a rather small indoor room, with an audience of maybe 50 to 100 people. Robert Kiyosaki starts the program by giving a brief overview of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and what both his dads taught him, as well as their philosophies on money. Here are some of Robert Kiyosaki’s key points taken from Rich Dad’s 60 Minutes to Getting Rich! Part One Money Is an Idea Of course, if you know Robert Kiyosaki he usually talks about his poor dad’s idea that his house is an asset, and that his rich dad contests that that is one reason he is poor. One of the interesting things he says is that his rich dad told him to never say quote, “I can’t afford that.” Instead ask yourself, “How can I afford that?” Kiyosaki says there are three main points that he feels made a real big difference in his life. They were: 1. Money is an idea. The first way to get more money to change what you think. 2. Money Does not make you rich. Case in point, Robert’s poor dad made more money than his rich dad. 3. There are two kinds of money problems – not enough and too much money. And every person, company, and government has money problems. You need to ask yourself which of these two problems do you want? Money comes down to a choice: Every day he has to make a choice: Do I want to be rich or do I want to be poor? Part Two Your House Is Not an Asset He covers the cash flow quadrant (E, S, B, and I) — Employee, Self-employed or Specialist, Big business person and Investor. Employees want security and are mostly controlled by fear. Specialists don’t trust others, and their income is generally maxed out around $500,000 per year, because “time is money.” Big business and investors have essentially unlimited income potential. The way to get rich is via the B (big business) and I (investor) means. Part 3 Earn More… Work Less Kiyosaki talks about the importance of being able to read a financial statement, and the fact that tax laws are written for the rich, by the rich. Don’t work for money. Work for acquiring assets. Part Four Mind Your Own Business His Rich Dad told him that when he is an employee he’s minding somebody else’s business, but you want to be a business owner...

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