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Private Lending from the Fast Track to the Rat Race

We actually added private lending before but i forgot to get it added with the house rules. It’s added now. So now, just like in life, you can get a private mortgage, just like you can find a money partner! Fast Track players can lend to Rat Race players at the same terms and conditions stated in the house rules for borrowing from the bank except that the rate is 5% instead of 10% per month. Hey, that’s still 60% per year and only one Fast Track business has a yield that good. Now, debt restructuring and refinancing is a strategy that can be pursued in Cashflow, just like the real world, in addition to just paying down debt. In other words, it makes “good debt” even better. Original post: Private Lending from the Fast Track to the Rat...

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The Psychology of Winning

This is a preview of a three day seminar coming up in April called Rich Dad’s Business School for Entrepreneurs and Investors: The Psychology of Winning. See more here: The Psychology of...

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Rich Dad Paintball Day

Join us for some team building on the paintball field! View original here: Rich Dad Paintball...

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Special Event with Robert Live

Some friends of mine are sponsoring an event on Saturday 1 December in Mesa, Arizona. Robert will be speaking at the event about the B-I Triangle, being an entrepreneur and the number one skill of every entrepreneur – sales. I am proud to be associated with the folks that are sponsoring this event. They are long-time Rich Dad students and have been through a lot of the training with me. I am excited also to be a part of their group in this venture. Please take a minute to learn more about the group and the event they are presenting. It will be a great day of learning and fun. Credit:Special Event with Robert...

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Build your own online affiliate business

I’ve said periodically that I would share some of the “SpareTime Co” things for the business in the basement kind of thing for the different businesses I’m pursuing. Today, here’s a little bit of affiliate type stuff. They include lots of things to get you started. The following cost nothing to get started. You can promote through a web site, email, print, etc. and are available with one sign-up through Revenue Allies Affiliate Network. You can check out 4 of the programs below. The various ones offered currently through Revenue Allies Affiliate Network are: LHP Home Warranties (heck, buy one yourself through your own affiliate link and get paid for it if you are selling real estate), DISH Network, DIRECTV, Comcast, ADT (just starting), and Vonage! ::LHP Home Warranty Program:: Offer the most comprehensive home warranty service plan available. More Info: Signup: ::DISH Network:: Earn up to $145 or more offering the best in satellite television entertainment. More Info: ::DIRECTV:: Earn up to $145 or more offering the best in satellite television entertainment. More Info: ::COMCAST:: Earn up to $105 or more offering COMCAST’s triple-play service bundle: Internet, Phone & Video service More Info: Because they’re offering such high payment on exclusive offers, they are only allowing a select number of affiliates to join. I wanted to let you know before they stop accepting new members. To learn more about the Revenue Allies Affiliate Program, go to: This particular program is excellent for landlords, property managers and real tors because these services are needed by every home owner and tenant. And you can include them with your welcome package. Another feature is that it’s a two-tiered program. If people sign-up to offer these to consumers from your link, your sub-affiliate will still receive what they are supposed to and you’ll receive about $20 per customer they sign-up. One sign-up gets you into all of these programs. More affiliate stuff soon. Try it out; try many affiliate programs out for things that make sense for you. You do have some effort to put into it but you can develop a stream of income from it. Then you can put this money to work for you to get out of the rat race. Sign-up at Revenue Allies Credit:Build your own online affiliate...

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Small Deal / Cash Flow Deal

Jeff Howard of Cape Cod AREI and a partner are looking for $25K to help them refinance a great 2-family property on the beach in Marshfield, MA. To facilitate this, they are looking to get another 5% cash to bring their LTV to 75% because of the changing mortgage landscape. As always, do your own do diligence. You can lend as little as $50 and you’d get paid 18.26% APR on this! Prosper does all the tracking and collects a small amount of your earnings as a fee. When you set up as a lender using the link below, you get paid $25 just for funding your first loan! If you lend $50 to Jeff, if the loan goes full term, you’ll make $14.33 on your $50 while your principle is being returned monthly! 43% is a spectacular CCR. So check it out. You might just find this a vehicle that helps. Need to borrow? Give Prosper a try! Rates start at 7% and go up to 29%. You create a request to borrow, set your rate and lenders try to fund you. Be reasonable and you should get your listing funded. Small Deal / Cash Flow...

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Self-employed in the Rat Race

For a while now, we’ve been talking about adding a house rule that allows someone in the Rat Race to leave their job and become a full-time real estate investor. If you’ve been around real estate investment clubs for any length of time, you’ve met someone who’s done this. Starting with the game on Saturday, October 20th 2007, we’ve finally pulled the trigger on this rule. Essentially, when you are down-sized, you can choose to go to work for yourself if you like. Instead of waiting two turns to get a new job, you pay your expenses and roll normally on your next turn if you want. Your income is limited now to your passive income. Pay close attention as you play or you will be bankrupt! If land on down-sized again, you roll one die. Role a 3 or less: the space acts as a another pay check. Essential, as a self-employed person, you control your destiny and work life. You take a month off, you can even if it’s not always the most wise thing to do. And lose a turn. Role a 4 or higher: there is an economic downturn and your passive income cuts in half for 3 pay checks. But you don’t lose a turn. If you choose to wait two turns and get another job, everything is the same. View original post here: Self-employed in the Rat...

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Jim Cramer: Cash is king

Tonight, on “Mad Money”, Jim Cramer said “cash is king”. I know it’s not the first time he’s made this pronouncement and he was talking about stock portfolios. He says that if you have only 5% cash in your portfolio, you are maxed out. He recommended keeping at 10% cash portfolio with a strategy of taking some gains off of the table (he calls it “schnitzel”), even if that means you raise your cash position to 40%. He talked about making this mistake himself in the past. I think this applies to real estate also. I know I’ve made this mistake before and I’ll bet most real estate investors have too. Read the original: Jim Cramer: Cash is...

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Real estate tools

I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this blog is trying to escape the rat race. We need tools to do that so to help you evaluate real estate, I’ve posted some mortgage calculators at Beko Investments. So now you all have access to this kind of tool and don’t have to go searching for them. I still prefer a good old financial calculator (link to come so you can buy one) but they aren’t always with you. So check these omortgage calculators out. Source:Real estate...

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Self Defense Class with Robert and Kim

Source:Self Defense Class with Robert and...

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