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Success Is Painful

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What Do Getting Into Shape and Building a Successful Business Have in Common?


Believe me, I know first hand. Having helped build the Rich Dad company’s IT infrastructure from the ground up and having gone from 28% body fat to just 14% in just 12 weeks.

I understand the meaning of the word pain. I understand what it means to push through the pain. To endure the pain.

The question is: Do you have what it takes to push through the pain no matter what? To see your goal so clearly that no amount of pain will stop you.

There were times during my 12 week training program where I said to myself, “What in the $^#& are you doing this for? What were you thinking?”

Each time those questions came up, I had one answer for myself, “Because this is what your goal was. This is what you told yourself you were going to do.”

It also helped that I had announced my goal to the entire team at Rich Dad at one of our Tuesday Morning meetings. Once I did that, I was committed. I had to push through whatever pain the trainers threw at me.

The same goes for building a business. Is it always fun and games? Hell no! Building a business is painful. Sticking to a goal of making your business successful is sometimes painful.

The bottom line is that most things that are worth doing, are painful, or at least scary.

Imagine if climbing Mount Everest was as easy as a walk in the park? Then everyone would do it. In fact it is extremely difficult, requires a ton of preparation, a lot of pain and sacrifice. That is why so few people go through with it and reach the ultimate mountain climbing goal of standing on top of the world.

The same can be said for successful businesses. Imagine if it were a walk in the park to build a company like Apple? Then everyone would do it. There would be world-class companies on every corner. But that is simply not the case.

Imagine what Steve Jobs went through when the board of directors kicked him out… of the company HE FOUNDED. Pain? I guarantee it.

The caterpillar emerging from the chrysalis goes through an incredible struggle, an enormous amount of pain. The goal? Flight.

Talk about motivation.

Are you ready to step up and endure the pain you will need to push through in order to reach your goals?

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Success Is Painful

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