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Rippln has attracted the attention of tens of thousands of people in countries all over the world since pre launch on Saturday the 13th. This company has truly created a viral sensation across the world and is attracting all types of ages, professions, and companies alike.

“RIPPLN” is the ‘active state of a ripple’. It is also a new app that is powered by an enabling technology, which is set to make waves around the world. Rippln is born from a 14 year old infrastructure, which has generated billions of dollars in revenue globally and has focused on driving audience behavior through incentivized sharing.

There’s no doubt that mobile is the future. With hundreds of millions of smartphones on the market, we have all become accustomed to checking email, surfing the web, texting, video-chatting, playing games and buying all variety of applications for our mobile devices.

It was just a matter of time before someone would devise a plan to infiltrate the app marketing by providing an incentive for people to download and use an application. The incentive? Money, of course.

The premise is that when we find an app we like, we share it with friends and family members without any compensation. Rippln believes we should be compensated for our referrals.

The Rippln app brings long-overdue transparency to the social engagement business and has created a new monetary model for “eyeball acquisition”.

You must be personally invited to Rippln through a Rippln Player. If your interested you can contact me below to request your personal invite code. Once invite code is generated you will have only a few hours to accept the invitation – so act quickly!

How can YOU get in on that ‘App thing’

How to Capitalize

Put yourself in position to capitalize on these three emerging markets. Case studies of companies that show how apps actually go viral (it’s not what you think). Gamification sciences and how to engage your customers to love your brand and incentivize your teams to be happier and more productive.

Why You Should Be There???

1.) Have fun
2.) Connect with global players and innovators
3.) Learn/experience the power of gamification
4.) Learn how to master the new game of wealth in 2013 and beyond
5.) Play financial games to expand your inner game and accelerate your wealth
6.) Position yourself inside the hottest technology trends emerging in 2013

For More Information, or to get a private invite, please send me a message with your First & Last Name, your Email Address and Mobile-Cell Phone #.

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