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Skills You Need To Learn In Your Job

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know most of us are working nowadays. Most of us start with the E-Employee Quadrant and the main source of our income are our jobs. Robert Kiyosaki suggested that if you are working, you need to be experienced in three essential skills to become financially free. These three skills are LEADERSHIP, MANAGEMENT and SALES AND MARKETING.

Let’s discuss it one by one:

Leadership: Leadership is one of the most critical skill that you need to learn in your job. Most businesses fail because of lack of good leadership. Leaders are instrumental to the success of a business. Every company is in search for the best CEO who will lead the business to success.

One of the things that I learned is that the highest form of leadership is servanthood. We can distinguish a good leader vs. a bad leader:

A good leader is the one who serves his people while a bad leader wants to be serve.

A good leader is the one who empowers his people while a bad leader wants to have that power.

A good leader wants his people to grow and become greater than him while a bad leader becomes insecure when someone grows because he always want to be the greatest one.

Management: To become financially free, you also need to learn the skill of management. Management involves two things; management of cash flow and management of business systems.

To manage a company’s cash flow properly, you have to know how to read financial statements. You need to take a deep thought on income statement. You have to analyze sales and accounts receivable and expenses and accounts payable. If you can learn to run a business on the basis of the numbers revealed on its financial statements, you’ll be positioning yourself for success.

To manage business systems properly, you have to understand that a company is a complex network of interdependent systems, everything from product or service development to computer systems to human resources. For the business to grow, all systems have to operate with maximum efficiency—a leak in any single one can cause the entire ship to sink.

Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing is the last thing that you should need to learn in your job if you want to become financially free. To be good in sales and marketing, you have to learn how to communicate effectively. If you can’t speak or write well, you won’t convince people that your product or service is worth buying.

Remember that you need to work to learn something and not just to earn. If you want to become financially free, these are the skills that you should learn from your job.

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Skills You Need To Learn In Your Job

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  1. It’s a really very nice post!

  2. Inspiring, I have similar ideas but find very difficult that one person can achieve those three skills as a whole. Personally, I should enhance the marketing stuff.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post and ideas! I’m going to share this with the rest of my team as we work more with enterprise-level clients.
    Thanks and Regards/-

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