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Silver Shortage This Decade, Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold

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  • RSS believes just as gold went from $35 to $850 per ounce in a decade(1969-1980) and palladium went from $200 to nearly $1000 in just 3 years(1997-2000), we believe over the next decade silver investors will be rewarded greatly!

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  1. yep the? amero

  2. Now you can? make the “Why water over Silver” video ‘-‘

  3. sliver is at 33 dollars.? must be keeping it low for the amero lol

  4. It sounds like? an episode of Epic Meal Time

  5. thumbs up if you thought this was going? to be involved Hesky.

  6. Silver isn’t? undervalued. Gold is overvalued.

  7. In? 1980 the global population was 4.5 billion, not 2.5 billion. 1:25

  8. This is a great video thank you from buy gold silver anything before you cant.

  9. i bought 57 litres of petrol in 2001 for around 34 euro (28 USD), i kept it in my basement and waited till the day? it would pay my bills, 2 months ago i needed the room in my basement to store my nephews trampoline, so i sold the petrol, and i got 80 euro (74 USD), that wasnt how i imagined it to be, i couldve waited longer, but thats the easiest way to get 56 euro, patience, i remember i used 2 litres of that petrol cuz i was stuck for some, but thats all i remember, but i still made money 😀

  10. @metals0999 people should teach the fed how? to melt gold into bars. they aint sreen any there for a long time.

  11. fuck ! now everyone is gonna be on silver. hmmm think ill? invest in water and make lots of money just like the bush family are doing. ill buy some jungle with south americas biggest aquafer under it. fuck ! bush already did that.

  12. I looked? up just one figure that is used in this video: Global poulation in 1980. This video claims it was 2.5 bilion. Various other sources (including my school memory) states it was 4.5 bilion at that time. Such a check renders the value of this whole video null and void in my opinion.

  13. Like if you clicked this because you thought it was going to be about Fifa 12 Ultimate? Team

  14. @lansushan i’m not the maker of? this video. 😡

  15. @phr4nk3rd00d13

    hey, there are lots of errors? in your transcriptions, is this done by machine?

  16. but… why you talk like the armagedon is? coming??

  17. I personally like old? silver dollars. I like the heft of them, reminds me of America’s economic power in yrs. past.

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  19. 50% of all gold is make into? jewellery, not put into bars and stored.

  20. Did? you know that all future market like Gold is controlled by a computer program? Don’t believe me? Why don’t you check my profile, watch my videos and then visit my website to learn more.

  21. @PeterGriffen2100 probably have synthetic silver and gold by 2015. if not 2020 will pay out big time, $1000 an oz if lucky. Any investment is a gamble. if the economy recovers over the next two years, metals will fall. Just invest in what you belive in. I’m ordering 115 1 oz silver coins tomorrow. If you live in america i know the best investment, move to? Australia or Canada.

  22. @BetttingBible
    It’s true. It was basically promoting populism, doroty even had silver slippers in the original, walking over the yellow brick (gold) ? road to the false promises, and then being saved by her slippers (silver).

  23. To? me, it doesn’t really matter if silver becomes expensive or not. I just like to stockpile it, I guess it’s some old evolutionary drive to accumulate goods. Whenever I feel bad, I dip my hands into my silver coins and ingots and I feel better.

  24. @kulbird5sidhu why would they stop digging for? it??

  25. @MitchsAllNite haha, that’s another one of those? eggcorns…

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