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Silver & Gold – When Do I Buy & Sell? Insiders Report by Mike Maloney

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Why gold and silver? In today’s video clip, Christopher Greene explains why the dollar collapse will bring hyperinflation and ultimately the birth of a new underground economy.

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Mike Maloney breaks down Price Manipulation in the Gold and Silver Market


“Rich Dad” Robert Kiyosaki on Gold, Silver and his Apartment Complexes


  1. The median US house price/gold ratio is around 100 right now. The same as in 1980 just before the gold bubble burst. If history repeats itself according to this data the gold bubble is already? close to the end. Am I right or am i wrong?

  2. Just saw? “Money as Debt”
    good stuff!

  3. thanks i,ll have a in? uk but the same applys to the pound i suppose..remmember reading about fractional reserve banking in national geographic years ago .bit of an eye opener.yeah i`ll defo have a look!

  4. so do you sell when? gold is overvalued and currency undervalued?

  5. I loved your book on gold? & silver investing Thanks !

  6. Wait years later as? he gets older, and his hair color will match the other coin…

  7. Money is not a “store of value”, it represents a store of something of value. The store is called a bank and? the commodity is the banks reserve. Private currencies used to be printed based on gold and silver reserves but, banks can use any commodity for it’s reserves. A national currency, like the US dollar, should be backed by 100% of all existing commodities. Fractional reserve banking is pure fraud and should be ended?.

  8. its a store of value, thats the definition of money, genius. its hard to store you life savings in tons? of wheat and barrels of oil, when there is no ‘liquid’ (paper) market left. the dollar has no real value to anyone but the printers of it.

  9. its a store of value, thats the definition of money,? genius. its hard to store you life savings in tons of wheat and metric tons of sugar

  10. If gold and silver are so valuable, why would anybody be selling it? In fact, gold and silver has no real value to anyone but electronics and aerospace manufacturers. If the economy collapses, I won’t be trading my food and water for gold and silver.?

  11. Good updated? primer.

  12. thank? your very much

  13. Wow, you seem pretty damn? sure that “this” is going to happen but you don’t actually say that “this” is a currency collapse. I’ll look into you more but I need good info, like if fiat collapses how are we going to pay for real estate? How will society transition to a gold standard such as places that actually take and measure gold?

  14. He probably eats them for? breakfast.

  15. You sell when all of your friends start telling you how much they have bought lately. Found a great site for comparing the largest dealers buy and sell? prices… compare silver prices dot com. FYI
    physical must be bought!

  16. Mike if i buy gold & silver from goldsilver and agree keep it in a third? party vaults do i still own it.

  17. dividend? stocks

  18. Sell Gold for paper? You? got to be stupid to even think about doing it !

  19. What do you buy if you didn’t accumulate enough to buy cashflow real? estate ??

  20. if your talking about the price of a stock then its true price means nothing – by itself

    its the P/E,? P/B, P/CF, book value, and earnings per share that define the valuation

  21. sell gold and silver when everyone and their dog wants gold? and silver

  22. @abarai Think about it it is in the benefit of the governments of the world to have a global currency. No more currency manipulation! Countries would actually have to have strong gdp’s and no longer would they be able to print money at will (the ones that can) and be able to? hide behind fossilized data that give their currency strength. A countries strenght would be on current factual data.Laundering of cash would also slow. And once again it will be alot easier to control every soul on Earth

  23. That is true I agree. But we are no longer living in that world. In the New world government tells us what do to and forces us to do things using? monetary penalty. So once that currency is created trust me they will find a to force us to use this currency and therefore it will become significant. It will be global and because of that you wont have to worry about the green back, gold,silver or oil or any other commodity that has a limit on suppy.

  24. what you are missing? is that gold and silver are the currency choose by “the market” and this throughout history, it is not government choosen but people’s choice!

  25. The system is completely based on sentiment and trust in fiat. When an event occurs that causes this sentiment/trust to fail? is when hyperinflation will incur. But by that time”crisis” will be a better description than hyperinflation.

  26. I could be? completely wrong but i think gas may go down very briefly, then up heaps

  27. Mit Romney? watched this with 4 different accounts.

  28. Bless you man. ? Keep up the good work.

  29. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA! — Join the Revolution

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to? live like this anymore. “Spread the News”


  30. Naa I do? its just confusing sometimes.

  31. you don’t seem to be understanding the? real timeline…

  32. I like to hear optimism. I find it very difficult to be optimistic myself. I just want shit to change already. Let me be more? clear for the sheeple… that means positive change, not obummer change.

  33. Gas prices are? going down now hmm?

  34. Well said? Chris…may this plant the seed in the minds of many.

  35. Dittos. In the end it will be PMs that come to the rescue? again.

  36. The black market saved? people that lived in the USSR when it broke up in 1991.

  37. type in



    HARD WORKING PEACE LOVING HAPPY HONEST SOCIETY were always the slave victim and poorly starve to death. 🙁

  39. In Norway we pay 60 kroners = 10 dollars a? gallon. RIGHT NOW.

  40. yea and they have been saying that for 4 years now that its gonna collapse …….i guarantee that 2012 comes and goes just like last year….any bets ???
    they will print till the cows come? home and the world and the american people will accept it.

  41. here we go again with the dollar collapse…..others have tried to hang their reputations on that in the past and have failed miserably ! look around you and tell me the dollar is gonna collapse….people cling to them and hoard them like its their god . people cant wait to get that overtime so they can? GET MORE of those dollars .

  42. where do I put that!! youtube or google? or the URL box ><

  43. 9 dollars per? gallon = death to economy.

  44. The powers that be? are taking it all down.

  45. I was living in Serbia when the government there started printing money hand over fist. Suddenly the loose change in other currencies that we had at the bottom of the draw, left over from trips abroad, could buy you a week’s groceries (which you could? only find on the black market of course). When the dollar goes ti ts up it will be the pre-1964 coinage that will do the same for Americans. Buy a couple of rolls of silver dimes, just in case.

  46. uncle Bernanke flying around in his helicopter for the past? 3 years throwing bags of money out the door hasnt worked…

  47. GREENO!!!! hey, gerlad celente jus came back a few days ago from berlin germany, saying that the bond traders? there say its going to collapse, no way out of it.. umm brian wilson radio show dated 4-25-2012, check it out. major eye opener. i feel the same, its all coming down.

  48. saying? such things as our own trade will get you deader than a door nail.

  49. that’s because the gangs and drug dealers are created by the fucking government dick were you think? they get the guns a drugs from moron .. the gangs need to wake up and stop fighting amongst each other and start killing government officials and all these Illuminati mother fuckers

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