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Self-employed in the Rat Race

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For a while now, we’ve been talking about adding a house rule that allows someone in the Rat Race to leave their job and become a full-time real estate investor. If you’ve been around real estate investment clubs for any length of time, you’ve met someone who’s done this.

Starting with the game on Saturday, October 20th 2007, we’ve finally pulled the trigger on this rule. Essentially, when you are down-sized, you can choose to go to work for yourself if you like.

Instead of waiting two turns to get a new job, you pay your expenses and roll normally on your next turn if you want. Your income is limited now to your passive income. Pay close attention as you play or you will be bankrupt!

If land on down-sized again, you roll one die.
Role a 3 or less: the space acts as a another pay check. Essential, as a self-employed person, you control your destiny and work life. You take a month off, you can even if it’s not always the most wise thing to do. And lose a turn.

Role a 4 or higher: there is an economic downturn and your passive income cuts in half for 3 pay checks. But you don’t lose a turn.

If you choose to wait two turns and get another job, everything is the same.

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Self-employed in the Rat Race

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