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Robert Kiyosaki: Why The Rich Are Getting Richer Preview

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This is a sneak preview of the TV series on “Why The Rich Are Getting Richer”.

“Why The Rich Are Getting Richer” is currently Robert Kiyosaki’s latest TV series together with his Rich Dad Advisors and Donald Trump.

This exclusive TV series has never been shown anywhere else on internet.

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  1. @bonfirejovi that is true….. he would give his seminars for free…. otherwise work untill you get 5 thousands dollars to attend his seminars. That is rediculous.

  2. @bonfirejovi Yea just like Obama and the Lame stimulus packages right.. what did you do with your free money the government gave you?? i know a lot of people went out n bough Chinese TVs.. the opportunity Kiyosaki is giving poor people by even showing them this info is amazing info is just nuts.. and if poor people cant invest in them selfs to be better then they deserve to be poor.

  3. @PelikanM200 only problem with that is.. you have to do something to make money. I would rather make money when I am asleep too.

  4. @CaronteEmpire Ya, he does seem to be copying a lot of their arguments word for word. He is right about the fact that people need to be financially literate when they leave school and how finance should be taught at a young age though.

  5. Lol the rich are getting richer through Rich Dad! Kiyosaki is laughing all the way to the bank! If he was serious about helping the poor he would give his reasons for free.

  6. The true Rich people are laughing their asses off at how dumb middle and lower class people are for thinking Robert Kiyosaki is actually giving them their so called “insider” information. I’ll give you some good advice that I learned from a movie: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free!”

    You can thank me later.

  7. @comateensnyc Robert explains that if he wants to purchase anything, rather than dip into money he already has, he makes another investment to earn the money to pay for the liability… but in the game, it’s technically an asset. It’s always better to make extra money to pay for any liabilities! 😉 Hope this helps!

  8. If he was retired, rich and both he and his wife were running successful real estate operations, why did he need to raise $ 150,000 to start his board game? He didn’t want to invest his own money in himself?

  9. I was told I was and always would be paralysed in the face of massive and obvious evidence they were right I didn’t listen to the obvious. Not paralysed no more I pushed the bounds of impossible.

    I can guess the success level of those being critical of great giving & people like Robert Kiyosaki who like me are only trying to bring hope, and helping people along the path of success which is there for everybody once you have and believe in the right vehicles like the ones Robert and I use.

  10. what an ignorant fool

  11. The Kiyosaki couple are like those millionaires sect gurus evangelicals who sale fear and hope, their advice is just common sense, if you really like to learn something about business read the FT, whatch bloomberg news, try to create something using Steve Jobs, Richard Bransson or any other real business guru as example. Kiyosaki business is selling books and seminars not investing as he said. Even his chose of colours is revealing Purple is the colour of Hope in in religion !!!

  12. hahahaha give me a break now Kiyosaki is also in the wave of Conspiracy Dan Browns wackos in order to sell more books. Kiyosaki is just copying the arguments of Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Mike Gasior and other really smart people who understand the system a way better and decades before this clown of Kiyosaki came into scene. If he was that smart ass why he didn’t say a shit during past years 2006, 2007 and 2008 when the others were really aware of the housing bubble. Kiyosaki SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @clarkcolt45 law of attraction drew me to your thoughts…that which is like unto itself is drawn!

    If i was a trillionaire i would not be on this site now I would be looking at villas in the carribean! we are both here for some reason…we are wanting to learn from robert why the rich are getting richer faster right? I want to be rich like Trump but not so famous! do you want to be rich?sorry, you may already be so. no offense intended! lol!!!! lets work together on this one!

  14. @Lol!!!

    I am a big RichDad fan and I love Robert Kiyosaki and learnt everything i know about real estate and finance from his courses!

    What-is has no bearing on what is coming unless you are continually regurgitating the story of what-is.

    By thinking and speaking more of what you want your life to be you allow what you are currently living to be the jumping off place for so much more.

    Is that making any sense to you? I appreciate your feedback friend!

  15. You are sharing FALSE INFORMATION and PROPAGANDA that makes me sad.
    If your delusional wishful-thinking view of the law worked, why is there so much coruption and murder in the world today then??

    Are you saying that we should let those who know the real secret to use it against us while we engage in WISHFUL THINKING?? IDIOT!!!

  16. You think that the “law of attraction” is simply wishful thinking? What about those who never think about murder but get murdered anyway??

    You have clearly NOT understood the REAL law of attraction. It’s thousands of years old, still seen in many religions today: for example “karma” means only “actions”, and you are still responsible because others actions (karma) may hurt you.

  17. LOL!!!

    Do you even know how the federal reserve works? Did you know that we went of the gold standard in -71? Do you even know that there would be no dollar in circulation if there was no debt??

    You better read a little bit about the monetary system before you bid into the old christian control system of “you are sinful that’s why you are slaves”. LOL.

  18. The rich are getting richer faster and faster because that is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. THERE IS NOT CONSPIRACY. ITS NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Its the law of attraction. it is law. People who have debt (some would say like Donald Trump) their debts are getting bigger and bigger there is no conspiracy. it s the law of attraction. WAKE UP. the better it gets the better it gets. lol.

  19. Isn’t it cool how he had nothing when he met Kim? I heard he asked her to marry him many times.

    @comateensnyc Kim had money, but probably didn’t want to use it for the business…

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