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Robert Kiyosaki the RICH DAD TV show!

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Famous Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim talk about MONEY and CASHFLOW! “Why the RICH are getting RICHER !?”

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Robert Kiyosaki Explains – The Real Value Of The Dollar Gold Silver


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  3. SON! my $150k house is in my name, my car is in my name, I have 120K in savings and have been working for the past 35 years, i’m only 58 with a solid 401k plan.

    Hey Son. I owe $223,000 on 4 properties each worth 250k, 3 of which I rent out. I own 350k in stocks and have been working hard for the past 10 years on my new company that is turning a hefty profit and i’m only 45 years old.

  4. you inspired me Robert

  5. For those badmouthing Robert Kiyosaki for getting richer with his teaching materials. I’d like to ask you one question. Would you take advice on getting rich from a poor person? It is not unethical to make money while helping others. Each person is allowed his due according to the work he has put in.

  6. True: Irony= getting rich telling people how to get rich. But you have to start somewhere. Kiyosaki was well on his way to wealth even before Rich Dad, but he was smart enough to use that as an explosion for growth. Why? Because there’s a market for people wanting to learn, and he knows that. As a result he’s been one of the top best selling authors over and over again. And lastly, he’s kept his wealth and put it to work to get more. That alone is a sign of someone who’s wealthy.

  7. i dont care if he was nt rich before he wrote tehe book, but I care about the message you idiots!!!!!!!!

  8. LOL, all you idiots out there badmouthing Robert Kiyosaki are obviously poor people. A lower/middle class person could NEVER come up with the material that he puts in his books.

    All you dumb shits are just bitter than he doesn’t spill all the beans as to exactly how he got rich.

    Yes, his books and seminars make him plenty of money, but he’d still be a millionaire without them. And I think it’s pretty obvious that he likes the attention.

  9. I agree too…if you think he was rich before rich dad poor dad then you’re a retard..

  10. i kinda agree

  11. I think this guy became millionaire after starting to sell his books not before it.

  12. I wonder how rich Robert would be without telling people how to become rich.

  13. THANK YOU!

  14. he said options trading

  15. What did the guy say at 4:14?

  16. haha.. so true.

  17. I like kim, but the more surgery she gets the more she looks like owen wilson

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  19. I find that he always talk down about his biological father. Poor Daddy

  20. nothing to diss robert about but i think he’s making 10 times more money teaching people how to make money than he did before it. look at how popular he is. i have almost all his books myself.

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  23. I love this guy! Great businessman

  24. Great post!

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