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Watch the video starring the one and only Robert Kiyosaki and in it he speaks about Network Marketing and the 2 main reasons you should have for starting in this industry. I’ll let you know in this article what those 2 reasons are and why it’s fundamental to understand them if you want any success in your MLM home business.

Why Do Most People Fail?

Most people fail because they have no experience of business ownership, we’ve been programmed and trained to work at jobs and when you come to the tables with the skills you learned at your job it’s that much harder to get things moving.

Most people join to make money-an emotional decision. The truth is most people don’t have the patience and willingness to learn new skills, skills that are mandatory if you want success.

When someone joins just to make money their emotions are attached to the money they envisioned so when they aren’t instantly gratified or don’t make money in the first few months they quit.

It’s these people that give the industry a bad reputation spreading stories of how network marketing is a pyramid scam.

Addressing The Myth

Unlike traditional corporate systems there’s room at the top for everyone. When people don’t get to the top they say it’s a pyramid scam.

A traditional corporate system is a pyramid too, however in the corporate system there is only room for one person. In a Network marketing business there is room for everyone.

The pyramids are laid out differently. In Robert Kiyosaki’s video he explains that one pyramid has it’s base on the ground and one has it’s base in the air, this means that anyone can join as a business owner.

The 2 Reason’s You Must Have For Joining

1. To help yourself
2. To help other’s

Reason number 1 means that you come to the business to help change your core value’s to make the transition from an employee to business owner

Reason number 2 means that you join the business to help other’s make that very same shift.

Your Business Is An Asset

If you read any of Robert Kiyosaki‘s writings on Network Marketing you’ll learn that most people join this business to make money for themselves. They forget that in Network Marketing you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

You must treat this business like an asset on the other hand you must treat the people who join you in business like an asset also. although it is a business you can’t forget the NETWORK part of it all.

This is a people business and always will be. Help enough people and you WILL reap the rewards.

You can make this work for you only if you help other’s. If you learn how to network with people and learn how to attract your future business partner’s to you a new set of rules will open up to you when it comes to your income level.

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