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Robert Kiyosaki – Live Interviews

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This is a montage of Robert Kiyosaki appearing on; CNN, KTLA, TODAY, The Early Show, FOX News and many others. He talks about debt, education, predictions, and also talks with Donald Trump.

Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump – Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message

Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message

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Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki – The Power of Debt


  1. @GetOffOfAIM Ditto!

  2. @hookey221
    Whoa big shot! 😀

  3. A lot of people give Kiyosaki a bad rap but the guy has some great ideas. I started reading his books a couple of years ago and I’m way better off financially than I was when I started. Thanks Robert!

  4. Robert Kiyosaki inspired me to get into network marketing online and it has been the best thing I ever did. It’s not about getting rich quick, it’s about being committed to something that could change your life. Click my name, see my channel for details.

  5. cool

  6. I listened to Robert Kiyosaki’s advice on silver: “I believe this is the biggest investment anyone can make in the next 100yrs” I did my research and found an opportunity that has changed my life in 12 months. Take a look like i did….

  7. I love Kiyosaki he inspired me to make a change in my life…

  8. If you know the English language a little bit, read Donald’s and Kiyosaki’s books, then read other financial books and periodicals. If you don’t see a difference, you need to go back to school.

  9. I love the book I was reading

  10. This is a great opportunity, if you have the passion and insight you can capitalize in this wealth trend.. I did and i love it, if your interested in buying one of our products are to join check out my web site. (.———————–)
    In life you cant fail unless you give up!

  11. Thanks for posting.

  12. I read two of his books and I read “The Millionaire Next Door” which makes me disagree with Kiyosaki on living below your means. Frugality is a serious component to acquiring wealth.

  13. Great post~ I especially like the video on your home page, very insightful.

  14. Hi ~ Dear Robert, i love your book so much.. its help me solve a lot of problem… is you to changed my ideology & my life ^^ Thanks
    .-= Johnny Kang (JK)´s last blog ..Motivational Topic – Part 1 =-.

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