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Robert Kiyosaki Explains – The Real Value Of The Dollar Gold Silver

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Robert Kiyosaki Explains – The Real Value Of The Dollar Gold Silver

An all out currency war has begun – governments around the world are devaluing their currencies in order to have cheap exports – and are destroying the middle class. Protect yourself with Gold & Silver – Increase your financial IQ, learn about REAL money for 5000 years – Gold & Silver. Protect yourself and your family from inflation, deflation and any economic situation with Gold & Silver. The biggest wealth transfer in the history has begun – are you positioned to be a winner or a loser?

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  1. @MrApadirect Fiat simply means gov’t sanctioned. If we went silver tomorrow, silver would be fiat.

  2. @auctionmusic So, ask the question, which of these things do we actually make in America? Thumbs up.

  3. @MrStevilKneivel
    You forget the point on his emphasis on increase your financial education. You need to self study for financial skills and make sure you research what are facts and what isn’t. Remember he just gives his opinions and suggestion for you to use and better understand what is going on. He is not going to give you step by step directions what to do with your money but rather offer you ways and tools to get smart with your money.

  4. Kiyosaki is a product of AMWAY. His books are full of crappy advice and he is under investigation by the government of Canada. Kiyosaki also partnered up with Mr. bankruptcy himself, Donny Trump. What a twosome. Two con men. Trump should be in jail and so should Kiyosaki.
    People…think…this guy makes his money from selling books. He made some big money selling books to AMWAY robots who love to get taken.
    Kiyosaki is a scam artist and his advice is poor at best. Avoid at all costs.

  5. You can stock up all you want. The last great depression lasted for over 10 years. Can you stock up enough food to last 10 years? Will your silver get you through 10 years?
    Best to go after those who gave us all this crap we are having to deal with.
    The FED and the banksters were behind all of the economic problems and we allow them to continue screwing us. We need to end the FED and each state start a state bank. No more interest paid and no more private profits for the thieves.

  6. What are our exports? GM cars no one wants to buy? Technology and innovation that has moved to China? heavy equipment? Caterpillar is moving to China. “Financial products” ? yeah the world wants the same toxic shit that bankrupted the biggest economy in the world. Even financial firms are moving to China and India. Our biggest export is wars, weapons, pharma and DOLLARS and let’s see for how much longer our fiat trash stays the global currency of choice.

  7. This makes Zero sense. Weak dollar means we can export more? Export more of what??? televisions? audio??? cell phones? computers? steel? shoes? furniture??? clothing??? food??? motorcycles??? cars??? software development??? technical support??? etc, etc, etc. How is a weak dollar gonna compete with 2.00 an hour wages elsewhere??? I know…we can export retail sales. insurance sales. financial services (wanna buy a Mortgage Backed Security?)

  8. it takes two thing to know what the relative manipulated value is, that is why the answer depends on who asks the question

  9. @Supratube1 I hear you man. Its time to start really preparing. Im stocking food and silver.

  10. @Supratube1
    lol goodluck to you too man. I mean because we can see whats coming we can prepare, many others arent so lucky. Most of America in fact…
    But i agree completely, China isnt telling its citizens to buy precious metals for no reason. They know just as we do what’s going to happen. Its common sense.

  11. @TruthOverFacts i was actually responding to your questions on the other guys name, oops, anyway good luck, printing helps nobody, never has, never will. It only stimulates the problem longer, which leads to a harder crash. I’m just guesing 2013 will be the year many will just kill themselfs, or which they would just die, going to be very sad.

  12. @treysparker smart man u are, exactly, peace bro

  13. @treysparker imo it looks like it’s going in the direction that each nation will be every nation for themself. Im in the usa, and i think you are to, we will have it the worst. We have way too much importing, the other nations won’t be bringing nothing into this country after what we did, and for what???…..paper. China is slowing getting away from paper, and is telling their people to buy silver and gold, don’t know about you, but I’m following the chinese man lol, good luck bro when shtf!

  14. The irony is pretty soon, food prices will triple, gas will double, and the CPI will still say we’re running at 2-3% inflation annually.
    People are going to by paying so much for what they need, that they will stop shopping, as soon as they do, prices for many goods will start to fall but only for the sake of increasing consumption.
    And i havent even mentioned the next wave of housing foreclosures that will occur in 2011.
    Its going to be a very bumpy road the next few years…

  15. @Supratube1 Thanks for responding. I figured that. Maybe there’s something that im not understanding with the logic but it doesnt seem like inflating the money supply helps anyone except when trying to pay off fixed debt given that there’s more money in the system to come across. Outside of that I dont anyway how weakening the dollar could be good for business owners. That would simply make their products more expensive to produce and then to sell. Maybe there’s more to this that I dont catch.

  16. @TruthOverFacts
    Yeah im sure hes refering to businesses that export overseas will benefit (although they wont really be benefiting overall because whatever they make on the exports, wont buy them much domestically for their business) i mean if the dollar goes down 20% and their exports increase 20% have they really made any real wealth? No.
    But those who export will certainly be better off than those in a domestic service business.
    Honestly no one really benefits from a weak currency.

  17. @TruthOverFacts What you said is whats true. Less consumers buying from the business, business laying off, closing down, cause unemployment to go higher. Weakening your money helps nobody. Printing money, especially an insane amount, causes others to start printing. Then everybody is destroying their currencys. In the end, hyperinflation will kick in. Besides if your looking at it from in the country of the usa, they are too expensive with taxes and laws. Most businesses are leaving cause of it.

  18. What I dont understand is that if lowering the value of the dollar helps out business owners but not the employees given that things are more expensive then how does it help the business owners who depend on the holders of currency to be able to afford their product? I would’ve thought that the stronger the dollar is the more affordable the product Maybe thats just for domestic purposes because if international markets have a weaker dollar it could be more expensive for them. Is that the point?

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