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The Elevation Group – Taking You Inside The Secret Investment Strategies Of The Rich

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Mike Dillard, founder of Elevation Group, premiered his new investment program via Internet December 13. The purpose of the Elevation Group is to teach its members how to become rich and take advantage of the upcoming economic collapse.

During the 90 minute Elevation Group presentation, Dillard made a comparison between the Roman Empire and the United States, stating that we must ‘learn from history.’ Using Michael Maloney’s seven stage progression of currency, Dillard discussed similarities between the U.S. and Rome for each stage. He forecasted that the United States would follow the demise of its economy, just like the Roman Empire.

Maloney’s first stage is when the country is founded or funded with gold. Both the United States and Rome had a strong gold foundation in the beginning.

The second stage begins as the country develops multi layers of public programs for its citizens. The third stage is when the nation begins to establish political influence in the world, and as a result, a military is established and bankrolled by the national administration.

Dillard describes the fourth stage, as the time the nation begins to use its military, and the cost amplifies. The fifth stage is the waging of war. Due to the great cost involved, the national currency is created in unlimited and unsecured amounts. The sixth stage is where the expansion of the currency causes severe inflation. Society loses faith in the currency.

Dillard describes the final stage of Maloney’s progression of currency as when the nation abandons the currency, and returns to a system of bartering or using precious metals, (such as gold) again.

Dillard claims, the United States is now positioned between the sixth and seventh stages. He predicts that in the next 6 to 36 months, the country will move into the final stage. The Elevation Group has been developed by Mike Dillard to help individuals prepare for the collapse of the United States economy, and to position themselves to use this event as a wealth building opportunity.

More Information on how to become rich and take advantage of the upcoming economic collapse is available in this 90 minutes presentation .

Mike Dillard’s new program ‘The Elevation Group‘ is already receiving an incredible amount of hype but is it really worth the cost or is this just another slick marketing tactic praying upon harsh economic times? Read my review before you decide to buy it!

If the current economic hardships haven’t directly affected you, then I guarantee you know someone it has.

The way people think and act in regards to finances has changed greatly in just the last few years as we have seen retirement funds lost, houses foreclosed on, and bankruptcy affect the lives of so many hard working people.

What does all of this have to do with The Elevation Group? Everything!

Mike Dillard is an innovator who has made a very good living for himself seeing where the future is headed, and beating everyone else to the punch.

When he sees the slightest bit of sunlight peaking through a profitable niche, he wedges that crack wide open and creates a title wave of excitement.

There has never been a better time than now to invest in your own self-development and success, but I’m not endorsing this program yet!

It is very easy for people to use the downturn in our economy to elicit fear and promote the purchasing of a product that will enable you to protect yourself with some ‘secrets’ that only a select few know.

Mike does however, make some very valid points and gives some great advice in his free report that have me highly intrigued and excited to learn more.

In order to become financially successful, continuing your education about the trends of the economy and what you can do to protect yourself and rapidly grow your wealth at the same time, is always a great thing.

I encourage you to use your own judgment and decide for yourself whether or not The Elevation Group is right for you.

Click Here For Your Free Report

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