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Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki: Sacred Cow of Money (2) – Get A Job

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Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Sacred Cow of Money (2) The second sacred cow of money is to get a job.

The problem with this is, having a job pay make you pay more taxes.

For the self-employed, not only do they pay the tax which the employee pay, they also pay other taxes such as social security taxes and medical taxes, etc. This make them the highest tax payer.

Time out session Cashflow Quadrant (E, S, B, I)

– Employee has a job

– Self-employed own a job

Business owner has other people working for them

– Investor has money working for them

E and S got punished for making mistake or they lose their job, B and I get richer from their mistake because they learn from their mistake.

Furthermore, there is no safe secure job anymore due to globalization and competition from India and China. It is getting more risker to have a job.

Moreover, if you have a job, you only one client, that is your employer. If you lose that client, you are gone.

Now a day, there are so many people losing their job. Some of them even went back to school to learn new skills, so that they can get another job that won’t compete with their children.

Most of us think that we have no choice but a job because we are surrounded by employees, that’s why we grow up thinking that the only option we have is to get a job

The tax laws are in favor for the entrepreneur and investor, they are not in favor for the employee or self-employed.

Because the government wants entrepreneur and investor to create more jobs

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  1. The college system fooled my dumazz into wasting 8 years of? my life for 2 prestigious degrees that arent worth the paper their printed on, fack the usa

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