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Rich Dad’s 8 Core Values for Success

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Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, shares tips for getting ahead in business.

  1. Find equal opportunities. Don’t be a victim of the survival-of-the-fittest technique. Make yourself marketable.
  2. Get a life-changing business education. Feed your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in a college classroom. Get an education from life.
  3. Latch onto friends who will pull you up, not push you down. Protect yourself from negative influences.
  4. Find value in your network. The more people you can meet in business, the better.
  5. Develop your most important business skill. Communicate, communicate and communicate.
  6. Be a leader. Influence others by being a great teacher.
  7. Don’t work just for money. Work to build wealth, not money. Invest.
  8. Live your dreams. First of all, make sure you have dreams. Then make them a reality. You can be a successful businessperson and still make your dreams come true.

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