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“Rich Dad” Robert Kiyosaki on Gold, Silver and his Apartment Complexes

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki joins host Jay Carter this week on the Financial Survival Podcast.

His newest book that was released recently is Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education.

Robert Kiyosaki discusses the real “Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money” that is continuing to impoverish the middle class while at the same time making financially educated investors even richer.

He also explains: – Why Robert Kiyosaki is holding off on buying any more gold – Where silver is headed – Why stocks are bound to collapse at any moment – Why saving cash right now is a really, really terrible idea – How the American government is turning into a fascist state – Why Robert Kiyosaki couldn’t care less what his credit score is – The ideal montly rent dollar amount he likes best when looking for the best apartment complexes to buy

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  1. Judy L. Hammerschmidt, the ex General Counsel for FHTM, is caught on video a few days ago in California applying for a? job as a french fry maker at Burger King. That is definitely a move up for this unemployed attorney and restauranteur. Go Judy Go!

  2. Speaking of non recourse loans, I just looked it up and the example they? gave is that JP Morgan not only bought bear sterns for more than their building itself was worth, but the federal reserve gave them a non recourse loan to finance it…. talk about a bank robbery. WOW! Plus if you watch the movie “Inside Job” about the financial crisis, you’ll see how the crash was basically engineered and they knew they were gonna get bailed out.

  3. he’s not a guy like the bankers that designed the crash knowing they’d be bailed out.? He just worked for decades on learning the game, developed a team that knew things better than he did, and positioned himself to create jobs and gain advantages because of the tax law favoring job creation to actually… you know… help others get a job and have a place to live! Or help encourage investors to invest in drilling so that they can strike oil so we can drive cars.

  4. Robert Kiyosaki knows that property is in a bubble but he never discourage people from buying properties. That’s because he is? selling his! He wants you to buy his properties before they crash down to shit!

    It’s just business.

  5. When it all goes? to hell, Robert will do very well to get the fuck out of dodge. He’ll be a marked man I’d think. Leveraged Debt is one of the core reasons why the markets are what they are. The Savers and Workers are being butchered so people like Robert Kiokocksucker can own another sports car, condo and golf course.

  6. I would be very careful..This system has now run it’s course and the big players are moving in different directions..If grab onto the tail? of the old way you may find your self covered in that which comes OUT of the tail end..Different game now..And if you want honesty..maybe ask him his CURRENT moves not those of the past which have brought the system to where it is now…

  7. yes – he’s capitalistic pig, but at least he’s honest about it. Another thing is – you can’t eat ideals, at least not for long. If there is anybody out there who wants to knock down this fascist? system, he needs to secure him self and have resources to do so. This is why I’m on the mission now to do just that. Capitalist pigs like Kiyosaki are tools to be used. They know this system inside out, and by listening to these guys you can better understand the way of thinking it presents.

  8. not much different from the bankers..Laughing at the ‘suckers’ he gets his money from?? another capitalist pig if you ask in the materialistic illusion ..each to his own i guess! True intelligence would not be saying ‘I OWN I OWN” U own nothing in this world except your? state of mind.

  9. not much different from the bankers..Laughing at the ‘suckers’ he gets his money from?? another capitalist pig if you? ask in the materialistic illusion ..each to his own i guess!

  10. holyshit!?

  11. He said Jim Cramer is a trader, not? traitor

  12. Robert Kiyosaki is a? smart guy.

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