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Opportunities During Economy Recession

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Well guys, I think we still got opportunities creating wealth during economy downturn.
Here are some ideas.

1. Investing real estate. Buy foreclosed properties as the price is at the rock bottom. Having a house/apartment to stay is necessity, tenants (ex-house owners) still need a place to live after being foreclosed. There is still demand for renting property during recession. Robert G. Allen is expert in buying foreclosed properties, please read his famous book ‘Nothing Down’.

2. Buying a business. Slow down sales will hurt business. Find a good prospect business and strike at the right price. Sell off the business when the time is right.

3. Buying undervalue stocks. Find strong fundamental companies and buy their stocks if they are undervalued. Remember Warren Buffet’s advice, buy when people are scare enter the market, sell when people rushing to buy.

4. Buying unit trust/mutual fund. If the 10 years cycle assumption is correct, shares price will rise again. So buy now as almost all are in low price, they might be increase few years later. Advice from Robert Kiyosaki, investment by hoping for capital gain is risky. So, it’s up to you to decide.

5. Investing in precious metals. Precious metals like gold price tend to rise during recession. Same case might happen to current situation, but it is reverse currently due to banks and investors converting gold to USD. But still a lot of analysis suggested us to buy gold.

6. Buying devalued currencies. Currencies like AUD, NZD, SGD, IDR and ISK are dropping their value against USD. Some countries offering high interest rate, eg. Indonesia (10%), Australia (3.5%), Iceland (18%) and Sri Lanka (23%). You can have two types of profit: high interest rate return and potential of that currency to rise against USD. Some bankers offer facilities to deposit your saving into foreign currencies, check them out.

7. Obtain loan from low interest rate countries. Guess what you gonna do with this loan? Of course put into higher return places eg. blue chip stocks with high return or saving in other countries banks offering higher interest rate. Countries offering low interest rate so far are Japan and USA. You gonna have your stable passive income guys.

8. Buy tax lien certificate. You can buy this at most states of USA. I think the chances of house owner late paying tax are higher during recession. You may make a small fortune there.

9. Blogging. Since your workload is less during recession. Find some of free time to blog. You maybe rich because of this. Please helping mine too. P

10. Offering loan to needy people. Setup business to serve that purpose. I notice in some countries, the loan given interest rate is more than double of bank interest rate. So these people will get loan from bank and offer loan to needy with higher interest rate. Please consult legal firm before setting up this kinda business.

Don’t panic and think positively, there are still a lot of opportunities to make money during economy downturn. You might become rich during this recession. Who know right?

Final words, try all these at your own risk.

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Opportunities During Economy Recession

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