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Obama and McCain Huge financial small businesses meltdown

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Expecting the economy to get better?  If we re-elect a Dermocrat or a Republican don ‘t expect a different result.  At this point in time it is turning into madness with the big money corruption these guys buy into.  Time to get another party in here to balance things out.  Funny how it is the independants that are supposed to swing the election but the media and the debate committiee won’t let Nader or Barr near the door.  We aren’t in enough pain yet.  But it is coming.

Raymond Keating, chief economist for the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council argues that the presidential candidates’ proposals for changing employer regulations could potentially add a huge financial burden to small businesses – even more than the tax plans everyone’s arguing about. His analysis suggests that Sen. Obama’s regulatory proposals would be far more financially burdensome to businesses than Sen. McCain’s “sketchier” outline of what regulations he would push for.

Sen. Obama, for instance, supports expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act to apply to all businesses with 25 or more employees, compared to the businesses with 50 or more employees that must adhere to it now. What’s more, Sen. Obama supports changing the labor rules to make it easier for labor unions to organize, and tying minimum wage increases to inflation. “These key measures from Obama would be anything but positive for small businesses, and therefore, the economy,” Mr. Keating writes.

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Obama and McCain Huge financial small businesses meltdown

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