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Need vs. Power

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We just got out of a meeting with Robert and Kim where I learned a valuable lesson. The relationship between a person’s need and their power.

So, here is how I understand it: when your need is high, such as you are in a position where you need the money, or need the job, or need a favor, you power is, as a result, low.

*Geek Alert*

I kept thinking about the scene in Star Wars Episode IV where Luke has to sell his land speeder because he is about to leave the planet forever and head off to Alderan with Obi Won Kanobi.
He is disappointed at the price his speeder demands due to the fact that a new model was just released. His power in the negotiation was very low because his need was very high.

I have experienced the same thing, but on the other side of the deal.

When I walk into a car dealership, I am constantly talking to myself, saying “You don’t really need this car. It is just fine if you leave here driving the same car you did when you came in.”

When I am in that frame of mind, my power shoots through the roof! There is no pressure. The sales person has nothing on me because I am more than willing to walk away.

When you are negotiating a sale, or attempting to recruit someone into your business, being a low need gives you all the power.

Here is the original:
Need vs. Power

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