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Max Keiser on Financial Apartheid, Germany 4.0, and Gold vs. SDR

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Max Keiser on Financial Apartheid, Germany 4.0, and Gold vs. SDR

As the eurozone crisis continues, could the options on the table include a German takeover? A leaked document from Germany’s foreign ministry reportedly reveals the country may be preparing for a new European fund that will be able to take over the economies of struggling eurozone countries. Meanwhile, we know regulators have been trying to figure out what happened to the 0 million dollars missing from customers of MF global. And they now suspect at least some of that cash may not be missing, it may be gone. Regulators suspect it may have been used to cover trading losses at the firm that has, of course, now declared bankruptcy. The question remains as to whether more customers will react like Gerald Celente who we talked to this week and created a new interpretation of what MF really stands for. And from working on Wall Street to Occupying Wall Street, we’ll talk to Max Keiser on his evolution from broker to leader of the so-called global insurrection against banker occupation. And with 75000 layoffs expected on Wall Street, will we see more bankers join the fight? To watch more visit us @
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  1. How am I? ever going to learn anything when she’s SO damn hot!? *drools*

  2. well this is worth looking deeper into. thanks for the insight. and i am by no means holding max upon a pedestal, i? happen to enjoy his viewpoint sometimes but he is far from reproach. none of us are above reproach.

  3. it this true??

  4. Retail capitalism has always been this way. Presumably, peeps w/ lots of dough r? bitching now, because they can’t get high interest rates 2 sit on their savings. How u get high interest rates by adopting a “gold standard”? U have 2 address the “growth” ideology that made a “gold standard” impossible. If everything is 2 have a price, which is the goal of the Bourgeois system, then there isn’t enough Gold to support the necessary level of credit. Gov has to provide subsistence, that’s the drain.

  5. If there wasn’t a? USA it would just be another country under a different name doing the exact same things.

  6. We get it, Miss Lyster is attractive. I am sure telling a woman who has? a major in women’s studies appreciates marginalizing her work based on her beauty…

  7. That makes more? sense, than all those uptight rightwing conservative prudes who thinks she should wear a burqa!

  8. She should? stand more often, love to see her ass.

  9. @? 1:14 she’s giggling like a schoolgirl … and gawd she’s so cute!

  10. Ron? Paul for President!

  11. Well taking over Europe in this manner? seems to be more acceptable than the method Hitler tried

  12. GOD she is L? L L LOVELYYY!

  13. careful what you wish for..Who fills the void? China? HM!? Not sure that is better..I would prefer to? see the US get it’s house back in order.Follow it’s Constitution and lead with integrity and honesty rather than the sword.But then I could just be dreaming!

  14. 20m10 How? did Jimmy Fallon become a stock broker?

  15. Why all the misogynist comments about how this woman looks on this show?
    She is dressed completely appropriately.
    Obviously, these comments come from insecure men, most likely religious? retards, who hate any authority women might have in government or media.

  16. Kill the bankers, hedge fund traders, fossil fuel CEOs, and the politicians who defend them? all.

  17. When Dr Jill Stein (Green party) becomes president, she will execute the banking? terrorists, along with CEOs, and put an end to bonuses and enormous salaries for CEOs.
    She’ll take swift action against the fossil fuel industry, and arrest the polluters and put them into prison for life.

  18. What a load of shit, blaming “greenies and environmentalists”. Where the FUCK are THEIR MULTITRILLION DOLLAR bailouts?

    This crisis is caused entirely by conservatives, anti-environmenalists like the Kochbots, and religionists? (christards and muslims). They destroy both the economy AND the ecology, forcing global warming onto poor countries.

    Kill all the coal CEOs.

  19. I have stopped watching this show with this chick. She belongs in a stripp bar not on news.? this is seriously irritating. if I want to watch porn i go to a porn site. this is supposed to be serious news.

  20. how can I? concentrate on the news when Lauren’s heaving bosom continues to mock me?

  21. Then directly after that, they can instate carbon dioxide? emissions laws and cap and trade laws

  22. well? known pundets that should know better……Gerald celente

  23. “get rid of the term technocrat” spot on! Look? up technocracy in wikipedia – it cannot be further away from what we have here.

    From wikipedia: Technocracy is a largely hypothetical form of government in which science would be in control of all decision making. Scientists, engineers, technologists and other highly skilled technical experts, including economists, would compose the governing body, in the place of professional politicians.

    where are the scientists and engineers??

  24. the best part is when Max refers to Gerald lol a? well known pundit should know better!! haha

  25. The world has been without the USA before,? How did the world look back then? Not so great either.. There will always be a force in this world who only seek power and domination because of our corrupt system that produces the most destructive thing of all.. Greed.

  26. @samc1778 Only coinage that’s accepted by the US Government, at this time, will be used by people who accept it, by their own discretion. Does that make sense to you? We can give them our gold and silver and get a debit card when the banks are failing and the US dollar is failing too. I don’t think so. I’ll be holding my gold and silver! Especially since a tiny piece of gold that used to? be $50 in 1900 is $150 now!

  27. Why is Russia Today, a Russian owned media outlet, even talking about things occurring in America? Why do the reporters ALL have American accents if they’re centered out of Moscow? When was the last time you heard someone from Russia speak like a New Yorker or a Texan? These are the questions we should be asking RT and telling them with gusto: STOP COVERING? AMERICAN NEWS STORIES AND START COVERING YOUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY’S NEWS INSTEAD!

  28. You guys…check out republic for the united states .org. Something big has happened behind the scenes.The US corporation government has been put on notice that the Republic has been re inhabited.I promise? you will be shocked and gratified by what you see on the above mentioned site.

  29. If this becomes a trend, ? the mint may stop making the eagles.

  30. Right,? put your silver into an account, and then they can expropriate it when they get the urge…maybe when the hyper-inflation becomes a bit to heated.

  31. So that would include junk silver: dimes, quarters, halves,? etc?

  32. what? f#*kwit would do this

  33. i? came!

  34. Great Interview! As you always do! Thanks for? the great information!

  35. Interesting observation. If you can deposit gold & silver, you should be able to withdraw it too. Otherwise its like a roach motel—-gold & silver go in, but they don’t come out of the? govt coffers.

  36. Interesting observation. If you can deposit gold&silver, you should be able to withdraw it too. Otherwise its like a? roach motel—-gold&silver go in, but they don’t come out of the govt coffers.

  37. American? Gold Eagles fine. Will they also take American Gold Buffalos?

    The premiums on buffaloes have come way down to that of eagles.

  38. The perfect way to confiscate our silver! Buying Red Bull and tennis shoes. Think about it. Sounds great……an excellent? way to get all of your ASE’s back into the melting pot to make Little Debbie Wrappers for those Honey Buns without paying you that HEFTY premium of $5-$7 you paid in the beginning. If you’re gonna give it up. Wait until they accept your deposit without discretion whether it be ASE, 999, or 90%. There’s hasn’t enough ASE struck to facilitate national acceptance of ASE’s only!

  39. that is really a? great point

  40. AMEN the free market must be? allowed to prevail.

  41. Is it true the law says traded at the? face value on the coin?

  42. Mr. Morgan sir, you are the man and? I’m very happy and lucky to have a signed 2010 American silver eagle from you. Thank you

  43. I like the direction of what Utah is doing and I hope it drives demand for silver by more people as a valid savings vehicle but… I’m not sure I’m ready to trust any government just yet with an asset that is supposed to give one a sense of independence from the system. In other words – third party risk.

    At best I’d deposit a token amount – then I could minimize risk and? feel good about participating.

  44. Can you? go to the vault and buy gold and silver?

  45. There will always be someone who will try? to scare or scam you out of PM’s.

  46. Funny how this is exactly how we got into this mess in the first place. Let someone hold your? gold and silver in exchange for a piece of plastic. I promise I will keep it safe…..For…Me…..

  47. who else was invited to the ceremony??

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