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Keiser Report: No jail for banksters in real world Monopoly (+Andrew Maguire)

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the real world Monopoly board game without a jail and on which most players must pass ‘go’ and receive just $200 in foodstamps while a select few get to pass ‘go’ and collect $200 billion in bailouts, bail-ins and subsidies. In the second half, Max talks to precious metals expert, Andrew Maguire, about the run on the bullion banks happening right now.

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  1. yep it is

  2. Capitalism in America is such a joke

  3. glad you enjoyed it

  4. yep I agree

  5. and great interview

  6. SAC – not the exception, they are the rule.The entire sector is based on insider trading including corporations, banks, the government, the hedge funds, the ratings agencies,etc

  7. thank you G

  8. Pm’d it 🙂

  9. eek indeed .. do you have a link?

  10. yea like 47.5% Bad eeeeeeek

  11. No I didn’t G. That’s really bad.

  12. Thanks D.
    Did you see where the Bank of Cyprus depositors lose 47.5% of savings ?

  13. Seems like the bankers win either way.

  14. Glad YT’s being more cooperative. Thanks Bert.

  15. YT is now sending them. I read this, and see it as another pay and walk away as Brian likes to say. Thanks for posting.

  16. welcome Erica

  17. tkx deb…

  18. yes Sept is usually is not good… hold on to your tinfoil hat:)

  19. Uprated, will likely share. The USA is imploding & world markets are poised for CRASH. September is “traditional” for that but August is very, very possible. I’m not laughing. I suppose I’ll eat my tinfoil hat by year end if the house of cards is still teetering.

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