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Keiser Report: Gold Wars (E208)

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Keiser Report: Gold Wars (E208)

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss European gold wars and the brokers at the Chicago Board of Trade telling others to get a job while they can’t even do the one job they have. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews James G. Rickards about his new book – Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.

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  1. Actually, the “Randists” are the only ones who really understand capitalism. Your version is typical statist bullshit.

  2. I was just banned from posting on Facebook by Goldman Sachs. Please view this and share it. Flint – Politicians and Bankers (stupid lying doucebags) ……They must be held accountable!

  3. Read Henry Parker’s Robot War, “the formation of X-Bank and X-Corp gold grab describes a more futuristic scenario”

  4. Russia moving to a gold backed currency is a race to gain number one position. Russia wants to be the reserve currency over the yuan. Who wins? the country with the most gold

  5. Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  6. the part where max was warning the germans was hilarious lols

  7. If (the majority) people are unemployed and make little money- (making as much as the lowest unskilled labor), they’ll have no money to spend and will save causing an economic collapse. Buying gold does the same thing because to get the high price of gold & silver as Max & Stacey wants the economy would have to have 30 to 50% unemployment, which as I point is selfish and greedy., like those who thought they could get rich by flipping homes.

  8. The problem is the Randists don’t know what true capitalism really is. As Max says it’s basically corporate neofeudalism. You can’t create a society based on the majority of people living as slave labor. During the industrial age, nations had tariffs to block cheaper imports and encourage the manufacturing of goods and provided a reasonable standard of living except for unskilled labor. This is more about getting rid of jobs and shipping them out for the cheapest labor you can get.

  9. a real libertarian believes in capitalism in it’s true sense.

  10. You do realize that free market capitalism has risen more common people out of poverty than any system known to man. Communism as a concept can be good but in practice has consistently brought forth some of the worst governments and leaders in modern history.(I’m not saying that’s how it will always be but you have to pay attention to the past and the past does not shine favorably on it.) Don’t mistake what we have now for capitalism, what we have is fascism and corporatism.

  11. Always enjoy when you have David on your program but it was far too short. For more on the David story please watch the clip below which features one of David’s bagmen trying to extort 250,000 pounds from a couple of people that he thinks are wealth fund managers.


  12. War College decided to have money Wars! Currency Wars, Winners and theres going be losers. NO BODY WANTS LOSE! Listen most Europes Gold is in NEW YORK! Big Problem! NEWYORK IS GOING CONFISCATE IT WHENTIME COMES! So hows NewYork going steal it? WAR ? Thats want there going to do. Banksters1% USA hasnt sold any Gold? FT KNOX GOLD DIDNT THAT GO UK? FT KNOX GOLD! Dont lie, not true . At $3000 ounce , Gold would be dumped for fiet.

  13. GOLD IS GOLDEN! $1700 ounce if it goes to $3000 ounce? WOW! Those with the Gold, going make the rules. Italy has tons Gold ,they have 2.7 trillion debt. Keep Gold! Pope is no Fool!

  14. Exactly they take your money stick it in there pocket and creat fictious reports, conterfiet stocks and commit fraud. Gangster action, CME. GOLD IS GOLDEN! Why are you going pay debt when money is fiet! Debt in itself! 60% of Gold from Europe is in Federal Reserve Treasury in New York that might explain why paper(electronic) is 9 trillion to Iinternattional banks. Gold prices is going to go way up. Up,Up AWAY!

  15. Cameron is practically rehearsing the same ‘speech’ Lil Micky Mouse Georgie made after 9/11!! Besides which each of and BOTH these blatant CROOKS should be looking at one single thing when they read this playbook script ~~ in their bathroom MIRRORS! And “Pee Yew” while they’re at it too! Disgusting no matter how much perfumed-horseshit you put into the air[waves]!

  16. Paper gold or SDRs from the IMF. You can best use them to clean your sphincter.

  17. When was the last time anyone ever saw and reported on the existence of these 7,000 tons of gold in the USA? Is the gold still in Fort Knox or is it gone?

  18. Stacey enjoys her job. I can see a lot of electricity between these two.

  19. Wonderful Angela is known in Italy as the “Culona”. I think you can decipher what this means.

  20. the central banks are buying up gold now.The central bank of europe expect Gold to be 2500 by june

    If you can’t afford a lot of gold buy silver.The banks can’t buy enough of it and they are slow to act on it and of course it is an industial metal they don’t recycle

  21. If you would like to buy precious metals on-line and have it delivered directly to your home call me to enroll for free in American Gold Reserve. It has a great affiliate marketing system that will allow you to make commissions on people you enroll for free. My number: 435-881-5820.

  22. I love the back and forth between Max and Stacey!

  23. Occupy gold!

  24. Keiser Report Archive (E1-E200) YouTube Playlist
    , [Search Google for]

  25. Like Keiser or not, if just 38.7 percent of what he says is accurate, the world is screwed.

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