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Integrity in the Workplace

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Let me start off by saying I am “out of integrity.” I am out of integrity with myself on too many occasions. For example, I tell myself I will go to the gym today, and guess what? The exercise to the refrigerator is a whole lot more enjoyable. (However today I actually did make it to the gym!) But I can tell you I had a task on my written to do list and I have not done it yet, I chose to write a blog post instead. I’m supposed to call a client on their content and just don’t want to, it will require me to think about their content which I want to do but don’t want to actually have to think about it. Now I know I can wait another day to do this but it just makes the flow of the project and the organization a little messier.

My integrity in the workspace really has more to do with my personal integrity with self. Because no-one knows about this other than me. I do my best to follow through on my word all the time and every time weather it be personal or professional because I treat others differently than myself, I am kinder to them than to I. I follow through with them than to I and I think you will hear that if you talk to friends and colleagues.

But back to integrity in the work place. It is these little types of things that break down communications, they then break down relationships both personal and professional. A glaring example is Tiger Woods saying “I do,” but what he really did was something entirely different. He was out of integtity with himself and his family and who knows who else. How many times in the workplace have you had a boss or a client say I will call you tomorrow with the <fill in the blank> and the call never comes. Guess what? You are left hanging.

There was probably some justification for not making the call but that person is out of integrity in the workplace as well as personally out of integrity. S/he made a promise to call and did not follow through. I can guarantee you that this happens ALL the time. We tend to be blaze about it, and say “oh they are just that way.” But at the end of the day weather it be a promise to your kid or a promise to your boss we get much better results in life by doing what we say and saying what we do.

So I will make that call to the client regarding the content. -)

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Integrity in the Workplace

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