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Increase Your Financial IQ – Kim Kiyosaki – Interview with a Rich Woman

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She is a successful real estate investor, an entrepreneur, as well as a best-selling author, and she is on a mission to help women reach their goal of financial freedom. In this week’s special guest interview segment, we are joined by Kim Kiyosaki. Kim and her husband, Robert Kiyosaki, are ardent proponents of financial education. Kim and Jerry will discuss her best-selling book, Rich Woman.

Finding the Rich Woman in You – Clips from the two hour PBS Special with Rich Dad co-founder, Kim Kiyosaki and retirement investment advisor, Kim Snider, providing viewers with the opportunity to get independent financial advice. Aired on PBS stations nationwide. A television event about cash flow investing, financial security and how to make your money work hard for you rather than you working hard for your money. Full program featured a guest appearance by Kim’s husband, Robert Kiyosaki. Total run time of clip is 6 Topics covered: Is there a right way to invest? (0:00) Everyone is looking for *the* right way to invest. Kim Snider and Rich Woman author, Kim Kiyosaki, discuss the idea that there is no one right way to invest, whether for retirement investment income or otherwise. There is the right way for you. Kim Kiyosaki and Kim Snider are both cash flow investors but Kiyosaki does it with real estate investing whereas Snider does it by harnessing the power of option premiums from the sale of options on common stock. Both are successful using their own variation of the same cash flow philosophy. The key is to find something that makes sense to you, then find someone who is achieving the results you want and learn from them. Why don’t we teach basic principles of financial literacy to our kids? (1:07) Kim Snider and Kim Kiyosaki discuss basic financial education and the impact it would have if we taught basic financial principles like compounding
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  1. Simply put, most people are A F R A I? D to take full responsibility of their financial investments! Thank you for this very informative interview.

  2. This woman and her husband have been an inspiration to me for the past three years and even though I am STILL? broke, I know I am on my way still. I just have not implemented the right ideas. WOW a monthly online chat with this woman… I’m so up for that. Great content here AS ALWAYS!

  3. Kim K. recommending Kim S. was sufficient enough for me to get interested. I have? been using a modified Snider Investment Method for the last 3 years very successfully. I am very impressed with her both as a system builder, and a financial advisor. Thanks goes to both Kims.


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