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Gold and Silver Taxes – Mike Maloney

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“Rich Dad” Robert Kiyosaki on Gold, Silver and his Apartment Complexes


National Achievers Congress Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki Germany September 2012



  1. I’m happy to live in a country? where government doesn’t raise taxes on gold and only a small % on silver. Americans can avoid the taxes if they buy gold and silver outside their country or move out when the government is going to raise it.

  2. One possible solution is to accumulate non-precious metals like iron, copper, aluminum, etc. They do take up more space than gold and silver, so you will either have to pay for storage in a warehouse or build a big shed in your backyard. Then again, will gold and silver you would have to buy a safe? or pay for storage in a vault.

  3. CURSE YOU Section 9006 of the? Health Care Bill! In 2012, buying a half oz gold coin will have to be reported to the IRS. As we enter more inflation, no one will be able to buy gold period, let alone a silver coin without the government knowing about it. I don’t want the government to know what I’m buying!

  4. @ThomasAchord Any time you go to a dealer ,you will be rquired to fill out a form if you are buying a certain amount in silver (over $1000 ) and you must fill out a form for? gold,too

  5. Thanks Mike for continuing to shine the light around the world. Now? Silver has gone through $40/oz. perhaps, just perhaps people will start to take notice. Hi Ho Silver… Away!

  6. If Obamacare stays then gold will? be taxed by the beginning of 2012…

  7. My esteem of you just quadrupled for your honesty and humility, in contrast to those who are so “certain” about events, both past and future, of which they know nothing (or no more than anyone else)! I bought 1200 ounces silver since December 2010, and I never thought about “getting rich”. I only hope to hedge my savings and to survive somewhat comfortably as oil declines, climate? change worsens, food prices soar, and the USA gets stupider.

  8. Meaning it’s still a HUGE? gamble. Then why exchange cash?

  9. Does Mike Maloney actually answer the questions on this channel? No way. I must be dreaming!?

  10. Because they wouldn’t be able pass it? unless they hide it!

  11. CAn anyone give a quick explanation of why? tax issues are inserted into the so-called “Health”care bill?
    Is this what they call ear-marks?

  12. 2. Some argument along the lines that FIAT- whilst legal tender? meaning it must be accepted as payment- doesnt mean its exclusive- ie the ONLY form of money- ie individuals’ right to use other forms of money with other parties consenting to alternative form of money. (Of course Tax Dept will have some provision in their 8 million word tax code deeming “equivalence” in their FIAT money)

    3. What if you buy it in one currency and sell in another (in which there is not even nominal gains)?

  13. What if they impose a ridiculous capital gains tax like 90%? We need to start giving serious consideration to our legal argument (as we may? need a class action defending the theft of our rightful ownings.

    Some starting thoughts (needing much development to standard of legal argument) are the following points:

    1. Its not REAL capital gains – its NOMINAL capital gains in decreasing value FIAT. (ie divide gains by inflation (which may be 1000% over next ten years) to measure REAL capital gains.

  14. What? if they tax it 90%?

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  16. He’s? pretty cool huh, I like it when he busts out random yoga moves

  17. Thanks, more videos with David Morgan on? the way

  18. @RANDYROMEN1981 Cmon, nobody can predict that?

  19. Google:? “health care bill section 9006”

    See “(a) IN GENERAL.—Section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code
    of 1986 is amended…”

    Read the subsections

    Google: “Section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code”

    Google: “repeal health care bill 9006”

  20. “Section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code
    of 1986? is amended”

    Section 9006 of Public Law 111-148

  21. Where is this in? the bill?

  22. he doesn t tell us that silver went to 50dollars and then went? down to i think less than half of that price in six months. The upside, is that it is undervalued at the present and also what the governments are doing. The supply side also helps.

  23. its great that mike takes? time to mention and view other peoples opinions on silver good stuff shows he is down to earth

  24. “starting on January 1st in 2012, US federal law will require coin and bullion dealers to report to the Internal Revenue Service all gold and silver coin purchases and sales greater than $600.”

    It’s in the Health? Care Bill…. Thanks, Obama

  25. keep? up good work bro,i been hearing your name all over the web!

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