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Gold and Silver : Is it Money or Currency?

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Silver investor, Maurice Jackson, teaches you Economics 1 (not 101). In order to invest, you must know what money is and what it isn’t. 1792 Coinage Act

9 Common Silver And Gold Investing Mistakes

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  1. Already watched it & shared it !! Good stuff !!

  2. I believe you viewed episode 1, I was referring to episode 2.

  3. Very awesome video…Loved the metaphor of strong feelings and love -VS- currency to gold & silver..

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  26. what are you even trying to say?

  27. …aaanndd….gold is now at…????

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  29. LOL, what gold scammers are you listening to? Perhaps it is gold scammers claiming they are libertarians. It is too bad that conspiracy theorists are so easily influenced. Perhaps you should consider listening to REAL economists and not the fear mongers and scammers.

  30. like ways bro, physicals where its at

  31. The economy isnt improving tho is it?? Printing paper dose not constitute as a recovery. The fed = privatly owned ponzy scheme. Look at what the centeral banks are doing…Buying gold, why might this be?? Because when the economy collapses they will want to retain there wealth.

  32. Ladies and gentlemen, you have been victims of one of the greatest pump and dumps in history 😉 Many wealthy commodity “bulls” - have been advertising to buy, as they sell into the average investors hands. Silver is down over 50% since its 2011 high. These “gurus” have so many people convinced, as to people are actually buying more? What a joke. When will it end? Buy more silver as it drops below $10? Buy more silver as you are bankrupt?

  33. Gold is not real money. It’s money, like anything else…theoryparker.blogspot.c­om/2013/04/fools-gold.html

  34. I’ll stick with stocks. The Dow is at its highest level. The time to get into stocks was when it was at its lowest in 2008. Some that I bought have increased 600%. I am overly invested in Priceline but it has done well. I will take some profit in May after dividend payments. Anyone that buys yellow rocks is unlikely to profit as it will continue to drop as the economy improves. Your investment in rental housing is good too as you bought in at the low point for housing and rent provides income.

  35. Specific Stocks~what happened to the DOW?
    Ag is down over 50% since I bought the houses
    Au is down 10%
    the houses themselves are up over 25%
    but that is not the question or the lesson
    the RENT coming in each month is the golden egg.
    the timing was that a challange was issued March 2011
    The houses closed escrow end of April
    Gold was arround $1,550
    the houses cost $27,500 & $30,000 but needed carpet & paint
    $62,000 total= 40 oz of Gold
    The race was on.
    Au is down houses are up & I have 25 oz Au

  36. I am sure you subtracted maintenance, advertising, fees, etc. Can you give me the exact timing so I can compare to some specific stocks?

  37. I am leary of the Market (that trades on a daily basis) too much room for monkey business.
    I challanged VisionVicory to a race 2 years ago.
    I bought 2 small houses for the equivelent of 40 oz of Gold cash
    he was to buy the same but in physical Ag (or just to note it on a “postit” and stick it on his computer)
    We were to see who did the best over the next 40 months.
    The net rent off the two properties bought one oz of Ag each month.
    I now have the same 2 houses & 25 ozs of Ag. He only has the Ag

  38. I am sure this will be a good investment for you. Since the crash in 2008 I invest in only stocks like Priceline and others that were/are expected to do well. Some are speculative and others have good earnings. On average stocks have done considerably better than gold or silver.

  39. Liz
    are you buying any rental realestate?
    bettter get some while the getting is good
    Go to realtor dot com and put in your zip code
    filter down to $50,000 and take a look
    Units are availble all over the USA for under 50K
    we have bought 14 in the past 2 years
    Once paid for the rentals will bring in rent for the rest of your life and the rest of your childrens lives
    WHILE GOLD just sits there trying it’s best to hedge

  40. Certainly not even near $15000 gold and $1500 silver like the scammers have been saying for years. My prediction is almost right on by comparison. Watch as both gold and silver drop even from there current low levels. I bet the fear mongers and libertarians are still saying “buy, buy” forgetting the ridiculous predictions Schiff and the other scammers made. I now think gold will drop to $1350 in the next year. Sell, sell.

  41. Lizaardgizard

    What about now (4-19-13)

  42. Silver down 21% in one day (4-15-13)
    heeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

  43. You can get the spreads a lot lower than that if you try, but you’re right that they are terrible compared to stocks. Once you buy physical, you’ve got to keep it for a very long time for it to make any sense investment wise.

  44. If you would like to learn a little known secret about owning precious metals from the source to your doorstep at a fraction of spot price, you should contact me so we can prosper together. Please contact me [email protected] or friend me on Facebook and we’ll get started straight away.

  45. you will see dollar numerated gold and silver numbers going to astronomical heights,means nothing,all loans will have to be rewritten,land re-evaluated,gold and silver will buy anything in the future,and beyond reasonable,i see 2 million dollar motorhomes now selling for 150k,cash is king,cash is worthless,and money printing to the moon and banks aren’t lending,get the picture,this is a planned event,just like the las vegas style stock market,soon allwill be penny stocks,depression is inevitable

  46. I’ll take my chances with Physical silver.

  47. buy the paper stocks don’t buy the physical metal. You can’t really make a profit because its a 20% mark up to buy and a 20% mark down to sell so you leave 40% even if it does go up you might just break even. But if you buy the paper stock you buy the exact value of it. They dont want you to buy that because they will be out of business if you dont buy metals from them.

  48. Many scandal news and video!!!


  49. You have been scammed.

  50. I am watching as gold goes to $1500 and silver goes to $15. I bet the gold scammers, fear mongers and libertarians feel stupid now.

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