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Go Out and Sell Something

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Veteran sales professional, Rollis Fontenot III, has released his first book “Go Out and Sell Something – The Recession-Proof Guide to a Successful Sales Career.”

Available on Amazon and, the book comprehensively addresses a subject, according to Fontenot, that is of growing importance to sales professionals in every industry. The book also appeals to business owners and other professionals who are in charge of business development.

“With the economy continuing to falter, salespeople are having to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment that isn’t always clear or understandable,” Fontenot explains.

“When you consider the alarming rate of company layoffs, bankruptcies, bailouts, and restructurings, it’s understandable to feel uncertain and downright scared over what the future holds.

However, there are many salespeople who actually thrive in tough times. Their secret is developing the right thinking and mental attitude that successful salespeople possess.

The order of success in virtually any field of endeavor is BE-DO-HAVE. Our thinking or “BEing” helps us to take the right actions. Our “DOs” help us to receive, and our HAVEs are the results that we want. Our minds also need to be ready to receive the success that we want.”

According to Kari Schneider of Alliance Recruiting, “Rollis has a unique way of not only sharpening your selling skills, but also getting you mentally prepared to receive and retain the success you’ve been looking for.

His book is quick, simple to understand, and easy to implement. Rollis guides you through the slippery slopes of non-production in a recession. Basically, if you want more money – Go Out and Sell Something.”

Not just for salespeople, but for any business professional experiencing stress and anxiety over this current recession, the new book is geared to help those needing clear-cut solutions for taking proactive and positive steps to increase their sales, rejuvenate their careers, and improve their overall lives.

“Being in sales can be very rewarding,” states Fontenot. “In fact, one major advantage of a career in sales is that successful salespeople are the first to be hired and often the last to be let go. They are also among the highest earners in a company.”

While there are countless books about sales techniques and strategies, Fontenot has taken a refreshingly different approach to the subject. He has only included the most timely and relevant concepts and compiled them into an easy-to-use guide that includes recession-proof action plans that are designed to give straightforward actionable items that deliver immediate results.

“Fontenot shares his knowledge of selling in “Go Out and Sell Something along with the collective thoughts of some of the best authors in the industry such as Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Stephen Covey, and Brian Tracy,” says Michael Waters, physician recruiter with Alliance Recruiting Resources.

“He provides an easy to read guide on how to sell from someone who has succeeded by studying the best authors, practicing their ideas, and developing his own along the way.”

“Go Out and Sell Something is an extremely useful book for the salesperson looking to not only survive but thrive in the current economy.

With unemployment at a near all time high, more people are getting commission-based sales,” says Ron Marks, author of “Managing for Sales Results” published by John Wiley and Sons.

“Fontenot’s book no only takes proven sales strategies and puts them in an easy to read format, he provides action plans at the end of each topic to help sales people implement the concepts presented. Don’t miss this book if you want to become a sales professional.”

The rest is here:
Go Out and Sell Something

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