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For Entrepreneurs: How To Sell In Tough Economic Times

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I think I heard Zig Ziglar say that the sales profession is full time job security if you are good and you are with the right company no matter which end of the economy you are on.  If you are making your numbers and your company can’t do it with out you you are safe, and if your’re not safe, you’ll easily be employed somewhere else.

Mastering the skill of sales is transferrable as they say in the Forbes article, but having a network to draw from is probably just as important.  I’ve been surprised to learn how small the world is, people know other people so easily these days.Salespeople are often the first to get whacked when the economy goes south.

But here’s some good news for busted Wall Streeters–and any other commission chasers laid low by the latest economic crisis: Salesmanship is a transferable skill.

If you can sell stocks, bonds and financial derivatives, you can sell real estate, technology, autos and tooth brushes. That’s because the fundamental tools are the same.

Salespeople know how to frame a discussion. They know how to ask the right questions and, with a little discipline, shut up and listen to the answers. They can relate to people. And they have the courage to ask for business and try new things.

So what happens if–and when–you lose your job? First, you go have a martini and a big steak dinner. Then you look for a growing market to attack.


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For Entrepreneurs: How To Sell In Tough Economic Times

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