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Disclipline pays off

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What I see today is that this Silver future contract what I plan to buy is today worth about 2 USD less than yesterday… and it basically means that if I had bought it yesterday (14th of August, as I have already 15th of August and now is 9:43 in the morning) I would have got today a new margin call… But I didn’t 🙂

SLV finished yesterday at price 14.06 USD… silver futures prices show me that silver will go to 12.5 or near today as September 2008 futures contract shows price 12.525 USD per ounce.

My focus from investement side is definetely Silver, so keep on commenting what my real life actions and result are. But my day-to-day activity is building up a Rich Dad’s Franchise in Baltics.

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Disclipline pays off

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