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David Morgan Talks all about SILVER with Max Keiser

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$500 Silver?!? – Max Keiser


Max Keiser on Financial Apartheid, Germany 4.0, and Gold vs. SDR


  1. The way Ben? is monetizing the debt: 300 trillion USD.

  2. 7.31 sounds like he says “we’re not going to win”… was that a glitch or my? miss understanding?

  3. It depends on what time of the future you are asking?

    At the end of 2012, $45-$70 is likely
    At the end of 2013, $100-200? is likely

  4. Enough of the bull just tell me how high is silver? going?

  5. about 10? bucks

  6. financial? terrorism

  7. As Grandparents we decided to give the kids a oz of? silver when they are born and a once of silver for each of their birthdays. Wonder how much they will have in dollars when they are 18.

  8. Great video Max and David. ? I just saw the site Compare Silver Prices dot com. What a great resource…it saved me a lot of money on my last purchase. Is it owned by one of you guys? If so, thanks for the great site!
    Hi ho silver!!

  9. We gave someone an? eagle for her sons birthay she loved it.

  10. Max your a true hero thanks for the video I need to invest in silver ASAP.?

  11. Isn’t manipulation a? form of terrorism?

  12. What happens when the supply of silver starts to truly dry up? What if you can’t find silver at the dealers? would that not break it out. It seems that if supply gets hard to? find then the SHTF and there would be no holding it back.

  13. The silver and gold suppression, inflation and basic economics are obviously beyond you. It’s far too much to explain right here. But look at the fundamental rules that decide all markets; supply and demand. Apply it to silver, and you’ll really wonder how the fuck silver is still at $33, dig a bit deeper, and you’ll see why it’s going to? explode at some point.

  14. what would you invest in then??

  15. Symbianese Liberation Army? What’s SLA??

  16. I bought three of those silver circles a few days ago. After Ron Paul showed the werewolf Bernanke the silver bullet he would use to kill him, I just had to get some for myself! I give my nieces and nephews an ounce? of silver for their birthdays and Christmas. The volatility is huge. Buy on dips.

  17. @ silbershark more like in jizz you? trust…

  18. “Buy an ounce give an once doesn’t work” all it means is an increase in? leverage. So if you buy half the physical all it means is 1 ounce : 900 paper ounces and so on……good luck though

  19. Great vid? Dave

  20. David Morgan! What an? honest dude! SLA!!!

  21. JPM is a part of the whole system. Even if you take them down( wich you won’t because they are bigger than you) what makes you so certain that silver will skyrocket in price? Knowing very well that no gvt will monatize gold or silver. BTW, What happened to all the doom n’ gloom last year,? Silver & gold going up to the moon! What a bunch of CRAP! Makes me wonder what the true intentions are of some You-tubers here and people like Morgan, keiser, Turk & Sprott.

  22. Why would other countries like Germany be stupid enough to? hold there gold in another country? I would never even leave my precious metals at my local bank.

  23. I’ve? given away 1 oz silver rounds to a few of my co-workers and friends… that was about a year ago. Not one of them has gone out and bought their own, so I cut them out of my life.

  24. Great Idea, Proof Silver Mint sets make great “Birth Year” gifts for Kids Birthdays and? it’s something of VALUE -not some stupid toy that’s going to break and be forgotten within a couple of days!

  25. GOD Bless S.L.A. !!!
    In Phyzz We Trust? !

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