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Creating a new Strategy for benefiting Silver futures

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Yesterday I wrote “I got a Margin Call on Silver Future position

This is not End of Game situation for me. The good thing is that I have taken into account Robert’s Big Idea that it’s useful to move from ‘E’ or ‘S’ to ‘B’ first and then to ‘I’.

In this point I’m talking about CASHFLOW Quadrant. The ones who don’t know it yet, I will give the meaning of letters… To understand it better get a book called CASHFLOW Quadrant from Robert T. Kiyosaki and read it.

So I’m at the moment for various reasons in all of four quadrants.

In ‘E’ I’m just for one reason – my company hired me with minimum possible salary so I get to go to the doctors for free, at least that’s the idea. It works with the family doctor but not with specialists as these guys have long waiting lists but it’s possible to pay yourself and get the help needed same or next day 🙂

I’m mainly in ‘S’ right now. And focusing of building up the Rich Dad Franchise here in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

And I have some things going on I would call ‘B’ , at least from idea side. I have put up some IT systems where I collect monthly service fee, but as nothing happens mostly – it means these things work without me, then I don’t have spend time other than writing Invoice once a month.
OK, in some rare case I have to act really fast and fix or update something.

And the ‘I’ is left. Here I’m with my learning how to invest… trying out things… like this Silver Future contract. Now I know from my experience what is Margin Call 🙂

So the good thing is that nothing bad happens with me after this last deal… I still have money for living expenses and food and all that… so I will put some money which comes in every month to my investment account and jump in again 🙂 This time being smarter again… and it’s all pre-tax money.

Now I will take into account more also market movements with my new strategy. Probably get burned again, but will learn faster and more 🙂

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Creating a new Strategy for benefiting Silver futures

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I got a Margin Call on Silver Future position


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