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City Of Fort Worth Encroachment Agreement

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On the AM dial, as in all other markets, political talkradio is widely used, with WBAP 820, CLIF 570, KSKY 660, KFJZ 870, KRLD 1080, conservative talk stations, Fort Worth and KMNY 1360 are the only progressive talk stations for the city. KFXR 1190 is a classic news/talk/country station. Sports interviews can be made on KTCK 1310 (“The Ticket”). WBAP, a 50,000-watt clear channel station that can be heard at night across much of the country, was a long hit country music channel before converting to its current talk format. A series of seven Army posts was created in 1848-49 after the Mexican War to protect Texas settlers along the West American border and included Fort Worth, Fort Graham, Fort Gates, Fort Croghan, Fort Martin Scott, Fort Lincoln and Fort Duncan. [20] Originally, 10 forts were proposed by Major General William Jenkins Worth (1794-1849), who commanded the Texas Department in 1849. In January 1849 Worth proposed a line of 10 forts to mark the west Texas border from the Eagle Pass to the confluence of the West Fork and Clear Fork of Trinity River. A month later, Worth died of cholera in South Texas. In 2013, Fort Worth-Arlington placed 15th on Forbes` List of Best Places for Business and Careers. In 2018, Fortune Fort Worth was voted the 18th best city for Hispanic entrepreneurs. In 2018, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex took 18th place in U.S. News`s 125 Best Places to Live in the USA. [94] Bird`s Fort`s contract between the Republic of Texas and several Indian tribes was signed in 1843 at Bird`s Fort in present-day Arlington, Texas.

[16] [17] Article XI of the treaty provided that no one could “cross the line of trading houses” (at the border of Indian territory) without the permission of the President of Texas and that he could not be on Indian territory. These “trading houses” were later built at the intersection of Clear Fork and West Fork of the Trinity River in what is now Fort Worth. [18] At this river crossroads, the U.S. War Department Fort Worth founded in 1849 as the northernmost system of 10 forts to protect the U.S. border after the end of the war between Mexico and the Americas. [19] The city of Fort Worth is still known as “where the West begins.” [11] Fort Worth is home to Texas Motor Speedway, also known as “The Great American Speedway.” Texas Motor Speedway is a 1.5 km quad-oval distance in Denton County. The Speedway opened in 1997 and currently hosts an IndyCar event and six NASCAR events over three major race weekends a year. [111] In 1911, the Reverend J. Frank Norris launched an offensive against gambling on Baptist circuits and used the pulpit of the First Baptist Church in Fort Worth to attack vices and prostitution. When he began to connect some of Fort Worth`s businessmen to the Acre property and announce their names from his pulpit, the battle heated up.

On February 4, 1912, Norris Church was burned down; That evening, his enemies slipped a packet of burning rags on his porch, but the fire was extinguished and caused minimal damage. A month later, the arsonists set fire to the rectory. In a high-profile trial that lasted a month, Norris was charged with perjury and arson in connection with the two fires. He was acquitted, but his continued attacks on acre did not achieve much until 1917. A new city administration and the federal government, which showed Fort Worth the possible location for a large military training camp, teamed up with the Baptist preacher to bring down the last curtain on the Acre.

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