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Cashflow at La Tazza

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We had a great game of Cashflow 202 Saturday night, October 11th at La Tazza, in downtown Leominster. James, Dan, Marria and myself played. Anita McHugh dropped by for a while before she had to take off.

Lee got out of the Rat Race first, about an hour into playing, followed a few turns later by James, then Dan and Marria. James won first thanks to striking oil with the Russian oil deal. These things happen in life; you have to be willing to take a risk. In real life, this sort of thing would be open to qualified investors (anyone in the Fast Track is) because of risk and in James’ case, it would not have negatively impacted him if it had not succeeded. We continued playing and I was able to buy another business on the next turn or two which put me over the $50K per month increase in cash flow and I already had two dreams. We called the game at this point because it was still early and Dan had a long ride home. We didn’t actually start until 7PM or so and we were done by 9:30PM. Now that was a fast, focused game and we ate dinner while we played.

In this game, we all played the business manager but started with different starting portfolios. I started with a small amount of cash and a smallish stock portfolio. Initially, I had not been able to buy any real estate on my own (not enough money and I didn’t go heavily into debt) but I was able to partner profitably. I also was able short and option stock and sold my initial portfolio after a while without the companies failing. That allowed me to progess slowly in passive income and generate over $500K. I wasn’t negatively affected by a bad economic outlook and diminished rents. Then, with lots of cash on hand, I was able to buy a lot of junk bonds with a conservative yield that but me out of the Rat Race and on to the fast track. I never was able to lend privately to the Rat Race as all had sufficient cash.

I stayed and talked with Stephanie, the owner, and patrons of La Tazza until just after midnight. I like the place and really enjoyed the political discussion. It also was good for another reason because I was given a strong lead for a potential deal. I’m not saying this to brag but. I’m saying this to share what this experience shows: if you are in the market for (insert item here), TELL PEOPLE! I don’t care if it’s a laundromat, real estate, a boat, some particular year and model car, etc. People know people you don’t or they may have what you are looking for and may need to sell it. You don’t know what their situation is or what the situation is for someone they know. This is what networking is all about.

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Cashflow at La Tazza

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