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Buy Silver & Gold: Max Keiser & Mike Maloney In Paris

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Robert Kiyosaki – Silver And Gold, The Way To Go


David Morgan & Max Keiser talk SILVER & Crime-Generated Cash


  1. the leper with the most fingers? lol, max.

  2. Two of my favorite economists…and two of my favorite people! 

  3. when do you think the collapse will come?

  4. w w w . ctsfreedomandwealth . com

  5. w w w . ctsfreedomandwealth . com

  6. w w w . ctsfreedomandwealth . com

  7. w w w . ctsfreedomandwealth . com

  8. You guys are years ahead from the foxnews people (Cavuto and company), great chemistry, you should do more videos in the future, Mr. Maloney, what do you think will happen to the Mexican peso when the dollar colapses? thanks for any guidance.

  9. wtf?

  10. It matters not a jot how much the price of gold goes up,you will only get scrap value,about $200 per oz at to-days prices.

  11. The price of gold is fixed twice a day over the phone by the London Bullion Association.
    The 5 members of the association are Societie Generale.Deutsche Bank,Bank of Nova Scotia,HSBC and Barclays Bank.
    If you get the chance watch The Wizard of Oz.OZ as in ounces of gold and yellow brick road as in the price of gold.enjoy.

  12. buy silver, gold, guns, and food. real storable foods not MRE’ efoodsdirect <-- google them

  13. Love Keiser & Moloney on the money raw real true info.

  14. Spent a lot of time in Brasil in the early 90’s and witnessed the government devalue their currency 2 times in a 5 year period.

    The world is now printing money like Brasil did in the 90s, and I watch inflation of 3,200% and if you couldn’t spend it in 48 hrs you didn’t exchange your money.

    $1,000,000 for a 300ml bottle of Sunscreen in Canada same bottle was $9.

    Gold & Silver the dollar number is going to be crazy

  15. But yet no one is still listening this brilliant man, and the evidence is all over YouTube from the Cspan broadcasts.

    And his predictions weren’t generalized either he was dead on! Right to the Riots in the streets which are starting now with OWS.

  16. 4 dislikes, my guess it is JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Credit Swiss Bank and Bank of America

    Thumbs Up If you agree

  17. I know a website that offers a secret code that produces 90% success ratio on gold trading. Go check them out, just google Gold Trading Academy and make as much money as you want.

  18. Yea, Ron Paul called all this back in Sept 2001. Brilliant man.

  19. GO, Gadget… GO! 😀

  20. LOOOOOL! 😀 True. I always think of Inspector Gadget when I see him… Dunno why? Trenchcoat? Look? Coolness?

  21. Yeah Max can be very wild in his examples and aims, Mike is more wise.

  22. “Gold could open up one day at 1700 an ounce… You´re not gonna be able to get physical when that happens.” THAT REMINDS ME TODAY´S MORNING SOMEHOW…….

  23. Lets not forget about the REAL Prophet ! RON PAUL !

  24. I like this video.

  25. Thank you for sharing

  26. sad for zi Germans

  27. Fucking idiot!!

  28. Examine Ron Paul and libertarian an anarcho capitalists in USA. And offcourse End the fed movement.

  29. So right. The central banking cartell must fall.
    80% of Americans distrust the american state and most all want to bring down the central bank and get gold standard.

    Stand firm Iran and Germany!!!

  30. Rothschild had stolen the whole worlds gold reserves in 1933 when they seized the worlds during the confiscation of gold due to the alleged war on poverty. Certificates were given out for the gold maturing in the year 1983.When the countries tried to receive their money the Rothschilds told the to get fuked. Lokk up the Chinese Dragon family law suit… one million metric tons were stolen. Gold is supposed to be selling for only $400.00 an oz.I say lets get the crooks and hang them from a tree.

  31. this guys not very smart the germans allready took their gold out

  32. It is true. But Iranian were very successful in last 50 years have a cold war with USA. Our people suffered a lot but we are proud that we kicked out American, British and Canadian’s Governments spyimg agents from Iran

  33. Jews target all non jews no matter what colour.

  34. you must get your hands on physical metal. gold/silver

  35. I watched this movie because I had gotten really concerned with the economy and had no idea what direction to go. Bucks does not always mean anything nowadays. Therefore I decided to conduct some exploration and ran into Goldiverse. I’m certainly so fortuitous, I can easily change my money from cash to many different currencies, to any precious metal at any time I like. The federal government can go and take a jump for all I care. Just Google and bing it Goldiverse.

  36. What they did to Germany in WW2 they now do to Iran and the middle east.

    It is always the same. First they invent a pack of lies and propaganda to brainwash their own people and then they start the war. Afterwards they rewrite history books.
    But don’t worry, those US/British lies won’t hide the truth forever and their attempts to dominate the world will fail.

  37. Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYBODY!
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighborhoods
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White People
    Multiculturalism is just a code for “Fewer White People”
    Immigration is a code for Colonization
    Anti-racism is a code for anti-White
    aNTi-WHitE teRroRiSm is REAL

  38. Your no White Nationalist – you’re a narc….

  39. i would imagine that any person who can just print up money would find a way to get gold- they know what they print is just paper.

  40. lol Germany you trust a bully with your gold and now you want it back? tough luck but that gold is long looted by the monster called bureaucracy, I would advice you to try to claim bits and bits, few tons at the time, get whatever you can, if you can.

  41. Somebody will arrest Max..they dont like the truth,,ask Assange

  42. you poor dumbdown ignorrant fool american idiot ….right???

  43. the whole world should gang up on the US …lol whatch them bend

  44. that gold is gone baby gone

  45. (Bernanke to Merkel) Of course Germany’s gold is safe you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Hangs up the phone Laughing with Geithner.

  46. AND, I happen to know that my experience is the norm, not the exception.
    Fuck Germany and that arrogant master race.
    I may be a White Nationalist, but I’m smart enough to know the Krauts aren’t good for nothin’.

  47. I wasn’t welcome even as a child, even though I was born there, my father was 100% German and my mother Slovenian of German descent. My parents were divorced and living in the US (both great crimes in the “Fatherland”). I was raised by relatives in Germany, who thought they were going to “break” me and steer me into a life of menial jobs and second-class status. At age 10, I insisted on going to the US. My life here hasn’t been easy, but at least I’m my own person and not a stupid automaton.

  48. I think Germany’s gold will be washed away into the North Atlantic Ocean by Hurricane Sandy

  49. He lossed know such privilege, Origin never disappears.

  50. You lost your privilege to criticize your Fatherland when you left it behind. Deal with it. You are not German anymore and you are certainly not welcome in Deutschland.

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