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Build your own online affiliate business

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I’ve said periodically that I would share some of the “SpareTime Co” things for the business in the basement kind of thing for the different businesses I’m pursuing. Today, here’s a little bit of affiliate type stuff. They include lots of things to get you started.

The following cost nothing to get started. You can promote through a web site, email, print, etc. and are available with one sign-up through Revenue Allies Affiliate Network. You can check out 4 of the programs below.

The various ones offered currently through Revenue Allies Affiliate Network are: LHP Home Warranties (heck, buy one yourself through your own affiliate link and get paid for it if you are selling real estate), DISH Network, DIRECTV, Comcast, ADT (just starting), and Vonage!

::LHP Home Warranty Program::
Offer the most comprehensive home warranty service plan available.
More Info:

::DISH Network::
Earn up to $145 or more offering the best in satellite television entertainment.
More Info:

Earn up to $145 or more offering the best in satellite television entertainment.
More Info:

Earn up to $105 or more offering COMCAST’s triple-play service bundle: Internet, Phone & Video service
More Info:
Because they’re offering such high payment on exclusive offers, they are only allowing a select number of affiliates to join. I wanted to let you know before they stop accepting new members.

To learn more about the Revenue Allies Affiliate Program, go to:

This particular program is excellent for landlords, property managers and real tors because these services are needed by every home owner and tenant. And you can include them with your welcome package.

Another feature is that it’s a two-tiered program. If people sign-up to offer these to consumers from your link, your sub-affiliate will still receive what they are supposed to and you’ll receive about $20 per customer they sign-up.

One sign-up gets you into all of these programs.

More affiliate stuff soon. Try it out; try many affiliate programs out for things that make sense for you. You do have some effort to put into it but you can develop a stream of income from it. Then you can put this money to work for you to get out of the rat race.

Build your own online affiliate business

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