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Boston College Roommate Agreement

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This tax is paid by you and your roommates to the owner. The fee represents the total compensation received by the Agency for the installation of your accommodation, the negotiation and agreement of the lessor, the creation and distribution of rental documents and the coordination of your move-in. The fee is usually one month`s rent, but can only be 1/2 months of rent depending on the market. In order to improve the efficiency of municipal authorities and protect the health, safety and well-being of students, residents and property, Boston requires all universities, local addresses, status (bachelor or graduate) and expected graduation years of all students residing off campus (student names are omitted when submitted to the city). At the beginning of each semester, our office sends an email to students who live off campus to find out that they are connecting to their Agora portal and following instructions to submit their local address (off-campus). If no specific address is submitted outside the campus, a detention ban is placed on student accounts and the university`s ability to locate students or their roommates in an emergency is hampered. Finally, an option of increasing popularity is mating with a friend who will live off campus for the entire year. In this arrangement, friends can share a room for a semester and if the short-term roommate removes the other stays and can continue to pay the rent without having to find a direct roommate. Often, the short-term roommate offers to pay more than their fair share for the few months they share the bedroom. Start your search early; up to three months in advance, if possible. This “advance” allows you to: (1) Explore the local rental market and familiarize yourself with the areas where you live and do not want to live. (2) Search and interview potential roommates (be sure to exchange information on life preferences and expectations before moving in together).

(3) Check out the online listings of Boston College properties published by local homeowners and real estate agents. (4) Conduct an in-depth housing search, find trusted real estate agents and connect with potential roommates. Please consult our database of roommates and apartments to create a profile and search for roommates using the “Roommates” tab. We also recommend using your social networks to help you connect with other students.

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