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Bloomberg interviews Mike Maloney about Gold and Silver Investments

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  1. How Iceland defeated the Anglo-American Bankster Mafia 2008-2011.

    As retold by the President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímursson.
    All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

  2. Truth is the last 2 years you guys would not have made 1 dollar. So i don’t see all the thumbs up when having all this inflation that gold and silver has done nothing over last 2 years. He is making money charging 100 dollar an ounce mark up on each ounce of gold. But i do believe gold and silver will go up over next fear years. But 100 bucks an ounce is a no brainer? Well hes been wrong.

  3. this is how people go broke. How much money have you lost now? Its now 2013 and you have not made 1 dollar.

  4. He spends his time trying to educate others and make sure more people can be on the winning side of the collapse. He actually cares.

  5. Hmm, very interesting.

  6. 2:52: The guy actually cheers at the prospect of the US going bancrupt because that’s when he can make the most money on his gold and silver investments. Rarely have a witnessed a more disgusting display of unpatriotism. Well, here’s to you, Mr. Maloney: “Whoever bets against this country, will go broke.” (J. P. Morgan)

  7. wish you the very best….smart decision. I am currently unemployed but as soon as I get a job, thats what Im going to do! Invest in silver.

  8. I’ve sold my house and gone ALL IN on Silver, i will rent until silver goes to the moon then i will buy the house or should i say the houses i really want. Sept 2011.. house sold and bought 7500 oz of Silver.

  9. It really sucks when people use Mike’s image for businesses that he preaches against. See our video on pyramid schemes for more info.

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  12. he has been right, and will be

  13. Maloney is a precious metals prophet, lol.

  14. well this video is old that’s why

  15. he said this long time ago 1 oz of silver $20 or $30..Today its over $42.

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