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Be a patriot. Vote.

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Tomorrow, November 4, 2008, is the day where you get show that you are a patriot.

It’s all well and good when people show flags on their car, despite being an improper display of flag etiquette. I’m not talking about any silly criticisms of wearing (or not wearing) a flag lapel pin. I’m talking about the single most important duty of a citizen in a democracy.

I’m talking about going to your polling place to vote. Naturally, I’d prefer that you vote for the party and candidates that I support. More importantly, I want you to vote.

I’ve heard all sorts of responses leading up to election day this year, just like in years past. Some are diehard supporters of one candidate or the other, some hold their nose and some refuse to vote claiming that it doesn’t matter.

If you think it doesn’t matter, then don’t whine about how bad things are while you endanger the foundation of democracy. You claim to care so much yet show me that you care so little.

Pay attention, really learn about the issues, make your choice and engage others in discussion. Show yourself and others that you value living in a free country. Participate and take your duty seriously. We are all responsible for what happens in this land.

Vote. If you are local and don’t have a way to get there, call me. I’ll drive you there, even if you vote differently than I do.

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Be a patriot. Vote.

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