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Avid Student Agreement High School

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AVID Elementary: AVID Elementary is for K-5 classes and closes the chance gap before it starts. By teaching and strengthening academic behaviors and higher thinking at a young age, AVID Elementary teachers create a wave effect in later classes. Elementary students develop the academic habits they need to succeed in college, high school and university, in a way that fits their age and is difficult. Children learn about organization, learning abilities, communication and self-control. AVID Elementary students take structured notes and answer and ask high-level questions that go beyond routine responses. The strong university culture on an AVID elementary campus encourages students to think about their college and career plans. Schools cover their walls with university flags and banners, and educators talk about their academic experiences. University and career are no longer foreign concepts, and teachers offer the academic foundation that students must be on the path to university success and their careers. Schools can start with AVID Elementary by training teachers at a level (s) or at the entire campus. AVID Secondary: AVID Secondary is aimed at students in classes 6 to 12. It equips teachers and schools with what they need to help students get to university and succeed in the workplace.

AVID has the opportunity to influence AVID class students and all students from across campus. AVID has an impact on the whole school by providing teaching activities, teaching practices and academic behaviours that can be integrated into each classroom to improve the engagement and success of all students. Teachers can bring what they have learned to AVID training in any classroom to help all students, not just those in AVID, become more capable of study and careers. The AVID Choice Course gives students additional academic, social and emotional support to help them succeed in their school`s most rigorous courses. The infrastructure for AVID`s success is being developed at the school level. While AVID staff provide technical assistance, ongoing professional learning and advisory/collaborative support, external staff (AVID Center staff) complement AVID`s success in the district and in schools. “AVID products and services,” the products and services listed in the offer/order or a subsequent offer/order, as described in the section of AVID Center`s website in The descriptions and requirements of these products and services may, at AVID Center`s sole discretion, change without the customer`s notice and this change is included in this reference. AVID Secondary Membership/Curriculum: “AVID Members” or “AVID Member Sites” are the school websites listed in the offer/order or the following offer/order as the implementation of one or more AVID – secondary or elementary/secondary programs. The annual subscription runs at the same time as the terms and conditions of the AVID centre. School-wide training pathway: the path to school-wide training is two days, 12 hours of training, which are provided at the regional level and within the districts.

AVID Path to Schoolwide courses have a rigorous curriculum that promotes student performance at the highest level and points the way to student success. Based on the AVID College Readiness system, developed by teachers and proven by teachers, the AVID Professional Learning Practices vocational training model, best Practice District/Site Leadership and classroom courses for teachers, administrators, university advisors, career counsellors and anyone who wants to help students realize their potential and successfully prepare for university.

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