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The Real Reason the Fed Didn’t Taper

Ben Bernanke is the don of the greatest criminal enterprise in the world.

And yesterday his made monsters, the Five Families, lined up to kiss his ring, again.

By not “tapering” or reducing the $85 billion a month ($45 billion in Treasuries and $40 billion in agency mortgage-backed securities) the Fed is buying from banks, the Fed is saying to its hit men, “We are family, and as long as Johnny Law is coming after you, we’ve got your back.”

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Robert Kiyosaki – How the Successful Invest

Avoiding losing money by asking the right questions

In late 1974, while most of my friends were going to school or trying to find a good job, I was getting a different kind of education—a financial education.

I purchased a small condominium on the fringes of Waikiki. It was one of my first investment properties. It was a nice two-bedroom, one-bath unit in an average building. The price was $56,000. It was a perfect rental unit, and I knew I could fill it quickly.

I was excited about the investment and went to show the deal to my rich dad. He looked over the document, and in less than a minute, he looked up and asked, “How much money are you losing each month?”

“About $100,” I said.

“Don’t be foolish,” rich dad said. “I haven’t gone over the numbers in detail, but I can tell just from these documents that you’re losing more than that. Why would you invest in something that knowingly loses money each month?”

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Simon Black – Investment bank manager: “Nobody knows what the f**k is going on…”

Financial circles in Hong Kong are buzzing today on the new Goldman Sachs projection that gold may drop below $1,000 an ounce.

And in merely suggesting such a death sentence for the metal, Goldman’s pronouncement pushed the paper price of gold contracts down $20+.

Many technical indicators underscore Goldman’s views. There’s very little floor for gold prices below $1,200, signaling that gold could gap down quickly.

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▶ Max Keiser on Bitcoin Currency

Gold was always considered as solid and save instrument. Many Countries currency was based on Gold reserves. People loved to make investment in Gold. But now this Gold is in crisis. These Gold crisis are linked with economic, financial, debt and currency crisis. Anyhow, too much dependence on one instrument always brings down fall. This video is showing What the Gold and Debt Crisis...

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How does the Global Financial Crisis End – Michael Maloney explains

How does the Global Financial Crisis End Michael Maloney...

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The Subconscious: Friend or Foe?

The subject of the subconscious is certainly a vast one. The most obvious point is that it operates below your conscious awareness. That point itself is obvious, but the ramifications can be subtle and often go unnoticed. Consider the following ideas as possibly valid. Based on your experience and knowledge, draw your own conclusions. Know and honor what is true for you. The subconscious performs many helpful tasks so you don’t have to make a conscious effort to think in order to accomplish them. Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly realized you’d gone two miles without paying attention to the road, your driving or to anything on the planet at all? Your subconscious, in control of your actions at the time, got you safely down the road. Consider the possibility that the subconscious also has a built-in video camera and the ability to tape your life. Like a security camera at a bank or convenience store, it’s taping 24/7. When you are remembering something, you are in essence watching your own personal video. When there is any hint of trouble or danger, the subconscious sets off alarms, much faster than you can think. This is sometimes known as a "knee-jerk reaction." There are times when you need this "industrial strength" security system. You step off the curb not looking, while a Mac truck is barreling down the road in your direction. The subconscious will "see" it, even if you don’t consciously see it, and the alarms go off. Just in time you look up and jump out of the way. This security system can literally save your life. The purpose of this mechanism is to help us, and it does help us, but it can also interfere and sometimes can be more of a hindrance than a help. It can be friend or foe. The problem with the subconscious is that it has the ability to step in and take over your conscious thinking processes, emotions and behavior, without your awareness or your permission, when you don’t need it. Let’s say that you once had a very troubled relationship with a person who wore a particular brand of cologne. Your subconscious will dutifully make a note of that and will also conclude, quite "logically," by its calculations, that "all people who use that cologne cause trouble." Ridiculous, you say! Yes, it’s ridiculous and it’s illogical – but that seems to be how the subconscious works. The context from which it operates is mechanical, and as such, it can’t discriminate between "one" and "all." The subconscious uses the past as proof that the present or the...

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Your Best CASHFLOW® Game Tips

TIP #1: Never…Ever…Quit. I believe that there are many things to understand to succeed at the game. But, for me, the most important is: NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER QUIT — ON YOURSELF! No matter how you feel, NEVER QUIT! – Kathleen M  TIP #2: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. CASHFLOW 101 is so powerful because it reflects your true behavior and allows you to take risks in a safe environment. Step out of your comfort zone, and do things you may not feel comfortable doing in the “real world.” You’ll be amazed at how it changes your perspective. – Jack N  TIP #3: Celebrate the Joy of Success. The biggest ‘tip’ I have learned so far is that your way to wealth isthe joy- not the wealth- you achieve. This became very clear to me after playing dozens of times and realizing that I would actually SKIP the Dreams on the Fast Track! I was more interested in winning the game than ‘golfing around the world.’ – Jeff B  TIP #4: Focus on Your Goals. I found that while playing the game, I would focus on the ‘negative’ spaces- "Baby" or "Downsized" – and hope not to land there. I was focusing specifically on what I didn’t want, and, oddly enough, landing on those spaces most often. I began to repeat the numbers I WANTED to have come up, and just as oddly, those numbers seemed to come up more than mere chance would support. The lesson is simple: focus on your goals, not on what may go wrong. – Hugh C TIP #5: Only Take Advice from Successful People. When the Opportunity Card comes up, some people look to fellow players for guidance. Make sure that those you take advice from are having success and on their way to getting out of the Rat Race! – Cal J  TIP #6: Never Say “Can’t.” There is ALWAYS a way. Think outside the box. Find a way to make your “can’t” a “can.” – Grace N  TIP #7: Take Note of Your Overall Habits. After playing the game, take note of your overall habits- good and bad. Evaluate how those habits helped or hindered your game play. In the next game, make a concerted effort to change the habits that may have prevented you from getting out of the Rat Race. – Toni E  TIP #8: Get Rid of Bad Debt. The thing that has expedited my exit from the Rat Race: Paying off ‘bad debt.’ – Bridget S  TIP #9: Create Your Own Rules. Creating your own rules (or modifying the game rules) can make CASHFLOW 101 more...

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7 Reasons QE isn’t Ending

I keep saying that “tapering” isn’t “unprinting”.  That is, if you’re inclined to believe that QE = “money printing” then “tapering” = “less money printing”.  It’s still “money printing”.  It’s just less “money printing”.  So, if your bullish thesis (or conspiracy theory) revolves around QE continuing then here are 7 reasons to convince yourself that QE isn’t ending any time soon

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Ron Paul on Gold, The Dollar, The Manipulation, The Fed and Taper

it is no secret that former texas congressman and presidential candidate ron paul has had some issues with the federal reserve. not surprisingly, paul has his own choice for his next chair of the fed. it isn’t janet yellen. his pick is — well, we’ll let him tell you. former congressman ron paul joins us. good to you have back. thank you. nice to be with you. all these names out there, kohn, ferguson, geithner, summers, who would you take? none of the above because i don’t think it makes any difference. they all endorse the principle of manipulating interest rate and believing that they can decide how much money supply there should be and when to raise rates and when to lower it. you can’t expect anything new or different than that. one individual might manage things slightly differently but overall it will be the same thing. it’s still the monetary system we have to deal with, not the particular manager that’s going to be involved. right. obviously you wrote end the fed a few years ago, the answer not too terribly surprising coming from you. but working in political contexts like we have, congressman, who do you think is the most likely nominee right now? well, it looks like it’s yellen. i mean, but it’s still early. they do a lot of manipulating, pushing back and forth. last week it looked like it was summers and all of a sudden it shifts. who know what is will happen the next month or two. right now i think the consensus is she would be nominated. your son said his pick would be hayek or friedman, which is going to be a tough get. well, neither one of them like the fed. freeman wanted to turn it over to a computer, which that’s not exactly my position. but it would probably be better than a few individuals and one in particular behind the scenes in secret pretending they no what interest rates should be. that’s to me the most amazing thing that people accept this. the most important bit of piece of information for investors and for savers is interest rates and yet we give up on that and decide it should be cold by one person. it’s positively amazing that the economy toerates it. the unemployment rate has come down. that’s one reason we’ve seen the holdings of gold take a bit hit, holdings your portfolio has. has your portfolio take a hit? if you say it took a hit, well, at $35 an ounce and it doesn’t seem so bad, especially if you do it for insurance...

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