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Accreditation Agreements

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The accreditation agreement concluded by the Cervantes Institute with institutions that meet all the requirements, conditions and other criteria of sacIC includes the following: accreditation can be automatically terminated if the obligations of the parties in the accreditation contract are not achievable. 3.11.1 ICANN terminates the accreditation contract of an ICANN-related registrar (an “affiliation termination”); With regard to external accreditation boards, AHPRA enters into an agreement with each board on the formalisation of the rules relating to notification, implementation and funding of accreditation functions. Section 44 of the National Law states that the provisions of the agreements are in accordance with the professional health contract between AHPRA and the relevant National Board. National Councils/AHPRA use the mandate to formalize the rules for accreditation committees. The guiding principles of national law require that the national system operate in a “transparent, accountable, effective, effective and equitable” manner. With the help of accreditation authorities, national bodies and AHPRA have published current accreditation agreements and conditions to strengthen governance, transparency and accountability for accreditation agreements. A registrar is required to manage a database of all Whois data for all registered names that are registered through the Registrar`s accreditation, as well as all data transmitted by the registrar to the registrar. In addition, the clerk must include in the database the name and postal address, the email address, the voice telephone number and the billing contact fax number for each registered name. Filers are required to enter into electronic or paper registration contracts with all registered name holders.

According to the RAA, the Registrar/Registered Name Holder Agreement must contain at least the following (as indicated in sections – 12 of the RAA): the RAA was originally one of the agreements between ICANN, the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) and Network Solutions, with the aim of improving and consolidating competition between .com, .net and .org. These agreements were announced on an interim basis on September 28, 1999 and revised following oral and written submissions, and adopted by ICANN on November 4, 1999. At the time, the registrars were allowed to accept the new agreement in place of their old agreement. [1] 3.12.4 Its resellers meet any specification or policy adopted by ICANN that establishes an accreditation program for individuals or entities providing proxy registration and data protection services (a “proxy accreditation program”). The proxy accreditation program may, among other things, require (i) that proxy registration and data protection services can only be provided with respect to the registration of domain names of persons or entities accredited by ICANN in accordance with this proxy accreditation program; and (ii) The Registrar prohibits resellers from knowingly accepting registrations from proxy registration and data protection service providers that are not accredited by ICANN in accordance with the Proxy accreditation program. Pending the implementation of the proxy accreditation program, the Registrar requires resellers to respect the confidentiality and proxy records added to them. 3.11.2 The Associate Registrar has not initiated an arbitration proceeding challenging ICANN`s right to terminate the registrar`s accreditation agreement, pursuant to Section 5.8 of that agreement, or has not initiated and has not been successful; 1.2 “Accredited” or “accreditation” means establishing and setting minimum standards for the performance of registration functions, recognizing persons or entities that meet these standards, and entering into an accreditation agreement defining the rules and procedures applicable to the provision of registration services.

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