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8 Millionaire Lessons

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Millionaire lesson No. 1
Build a strong brand, and don’t be afraid to promote your product with passion.

Millionaire lesson No. 2
Don’t be afraid to go out on your own if you possess the competence and know people who can help you reach your goal.

Millionaire Lesson No. 3
Identify trends and be patient, even if it means waiting a decade to make an investment.

Millionaire Lesson No. 4
Success on the Internet isn’t serendipitous. Don’t court investors until you have adequate traffic and initial revenue.

Millionaire Lesson No. 5
Plan for the very long term. Gary Gardelli waited two years to get the job he wanted and more than 30 years for the payoff.

Millionaire Lesson No. 6
Combining an old way of doing things with a popular new trend will resonate with customers and clients.

Millionaire Lesson No. 7
It doesn’t take a fortune to build one. Saving a little at a time is an established path to accumulating wealth.

Millionaire Lesson No. 8
Forgo the safe route and find an employer who will help you live up to your potential.

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8 Millionaire Lessons

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