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5 Types of Dreamers

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Reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Business Shool ’ , I learned that there are 5 types of dreamers, they are:

  1. Dreamers who dream in the past. These are people like ex-football stars, or people who graduated from a prestigeous university, whose good days are behind them and all they can talk about, is the days when they were famous. If you are one of these people, create a new dream in the furure to work towards and come alive again, as people who dream in the past are people whose life is over.
  2. Dreamers who dream only small dreams.These are people who only dream small dreams, as they want to be confident that they will be able to achieve it. The sad thing is that eventhough they know they can achieve it, they never do. They are the people who say later in life, ” I should have done that years ago, but never got round to it”.
  3. Dreamers who have achieved their dreams and have not set a new dream. A lot of people who achieved the dream they had in highschool, after achieving the dream and working in that profession for years, end up bored with life. If you are one of these, It is time for a new dream and a new adventure.
  4. Dreamers who dream big dreams but do not have a plan on how to achieve them…so they wind up achieving nothing.  These are people who often say “I’ve just had a major breakthrough”, let me tell you all about it or “This time I’m going to make this work”. They are trying to achieve a lot, and try to do it on their own. Very few people achieve their dreams on their own, so find a plan, and a team that will help you make your big dreams come true.
  5. Dreamers who dream big dreams, achieve those dreams and go on to dream bigger dreams. I want to be this kind of person, don’t you?

Go here to read the rest:
5 Types of Dreamers

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