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4 Types Of People

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Kim Kiyosaki (wife of Robert of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame) shares an interesting insight about what she calls: 4 kinds of people, grouping them by their mantras:

  1. I must be right — people who love to be validated and proven correct.
  2. I must be comfortable — people who like settling in their comfort zones and not push boundaries.
  3. I must be liked — people who live to please others and patronize.
  4. I must win — people who will do anything to succeed.

Although doubtless there are more archetypes than Kiyosaki claims (depending on whatever typology you subscribe to), the thing I find interesting about the 4 types above is how they would react and utilize critical thinking.

  1. Critical thinking seeks to clarify, not simply validate.
  2. It is often uncomfortable and involves challenging the status quo.
  3. It is not patronizing, and is often deprecating.
  4. It seeks to achieve its end goals.

Of the 4 types above, only those who seek to win would push criticism to its limit.

Kim says know who you’re dealing with and that will bring you success. In critical thinking it’s the same: it’s important to know who your talking to, who your audience is, and who you’re criticizing.

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4 Types Of People

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