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[VIDEO] Mike Maloney and Max Keiser on Deflation, Gold, Silver and China

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Mike Maloney interviewed by Max Keiser on The Keiser Report.

Mike Maloney is the author of the “Rich Dad’s guide to investing in Gold and Silver” and has a lot of knowledge on economic history.

Mike talks about the banking system and how they create and expand the money supply via fractional loaning.
He explains the future and the debt crisis and how it will boost gold and silver.

In his book he describes “The Biggest Wealth Transfer in The History of Man Kind”.
You can become extremely wealth during times of economic turmoil… If you know how!

Let me teach you how to build a steady and regular portfolio of Gold & Silver and earn monthly income from helping others do the same!

Visit to learn more about me and the opportunity to build great wealth during our times.

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